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Wednesday, December 22, 2004 

Book of Mormon Stories that my teacher tells to me....

A lot of people think that Salt Lake City is the center of "mormondom" Well its not. Provo is, and thats where I was born. And yes, I am very proud of it. I was born into your average family. My dad worked his tail off so that we could have a "good life". We were never over indulged, we were always just satisfied. My mom ruled with an iron fist. I was not allowed to leave our block till I was 10. She tried imposing a curfew on me I was 25 and living at home. But she never forced religion on us. It was just a way of life. My family is not the perfect mormon family that a lot of people come from. They are just real average. I can tell you the two callings my dad has had in the church over my entire life. One Sunday school presidency (for about 2 years) and the other is Webelos Scout leader, which he has done my entire life, all 32 years of it. Not the glorious calling that a lot of peoples parent have had. My parents are not bad people, they are actually great people. My mom's heart is as big as it comes, and my dad...well if there is a service project going on, you can beat he is there, and you can bet he always made sure I was there. You can always count on him to come through. He taught me how to work, and my mom taught me how to be compassionate. And though I am far from the best I can be, they always insisted that I be the best I can be, and always stood behind me when I wasn't. The one thing they did not force on me was religion. That is something I discovered at a very young age. And it is something that I am still discovering.
Over the years, I come to know that the things I believe in are true. Through certain experiences, and through certain understandings, I know they are true.
I could say all the typical stuff like the hope the church brings, or the message of Jesus Christ, or the peace, but I won't. One of the most simple reasons I am mormon is my family. (if you are not mormon you have to understand that families are a center point of the church). My dad is my best friend, I have been able to work with him at his job since the time that I was 13 till now. I love working with my dad. I love mt. biking with my dad, I love camping and hiking with my dad. I love the fact that when my friend Ed and I came up to his work to go hiking, he took off for a couple of hours to hike with us. And of course I love to ski with him. Not many dads his age ski as good as him. I love sitting on the chairlift and talking with him. I love the way he is like a 10 year old kid when he is with my nieces. I love the fact that absolutely NOTHING is more important to him then his family.
As for my mom, she is amazing, She spends so much time doing things for the neighbors, she visits people who are sick or in the hospital, she sends birthday cards to everyone in the neighborhood. She always has a warm meal for my dad and clean clothes, and never does she spout off about womans lib. She is more then happy to tend to her family. Still to this day I get a plate of food to take home with me, and I get phone calls at 6:30 in the morning telling me there is a wreck on the freeway. So for this love of two wonderful people is one of the reasons I am mormon. I could not bare the thought that at death it would all end. The simple message of the church is that families can be together forever. And this gives me hope, and it gives me reason to be the best person I can be, and gives me reason get up when I have been knocked down, and to throw away the very selfish desires that plague me, and make me want to be more like our Father in Heaven.
And this is where I am at in my life. And I am truely happy.
Merry Christmas to everyone!

And another thing about Cameron, he always exceeds my expectations. What a catch that Cameron is.

Wow Cameron... I have known you my entire life (since 4 to be exact), but this is the first time ever that you have let me into 'The Cameron' and it makes me love and respect you that much more (which I didn't think was possible. You kinda made me cry, not really, but kinda. The respect for family, The love, The admiration... WOW... speechless.

That was very sweet and wonderful.

But really... is talking about women's liberation so bad?

Still... I can see why and how you love your parents. They sound wonderful.

CAm, I'm so glad I kept bugging you to post this :) I think the focus the gospel puts on families is just amazing. It makes me want to do something crazy, like start one of my own. :D

Very nice. You are very lucky to have such a great family and it really sounds like you truly appreciate them. That can be a hard combination to find.

Cam...I LOVE the post. That was very special...I love your focus on your family. LOVE it.

Wow. You exemplify the reasons why families are good and true. Your parents sound wonderful. I hope they get to read this.

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