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Tuesday, December 21, 2004 

Carrie Ann's Deal

Hi. I’m Carrie Ann, and I’m a Mormon. (Hi, Carrie Ann…)

It's funny how in my mind it is SO okay for MY mom to get married at 19 and have 7 children before her 31st birthday, but when that is someone else's story, I am appalled and mildly condescending (“pff…how typically Mormon”). But this is my beginning, I'm number three of seven.

Well, I guess the beginning-beginnings are in the 1800's when various poor farmers from England and indentured servants from Sweden came to America to join some crazy Mormons crossing the planes and what have you. That’s how I ended up in America. I'm solid pioneer stock on both sides. (I can’t separate myself and my life from these people, not in a religious sense, but historically.)

On my dad's side, they are all stake presidents, area authorities, and patriarchs. Not only that, my dad (at age 30), his dad, and his brother were all mission presidents at the same time (1970's). I couldn't have gotten away from Mormonism if I had tried. And I didn't try very hard to be honest. We'll get into the nitty gritty later, but generally speaking, I enjoy being a Mormon.

I decided to serve a mission from 1995-1997, and was called to the Edinburgh, Scotland mission. If you want to know what my mission was like, watch the movie "Trainspotting." Not kidding. I have a lot of funny stories from Scotland that I hope I get to share. Like the time I dropped the “F” bomb in the chapel, behind the Stake President and his wife, in front of my investigator… good times…

I am totally curious about other religions, and have honestly studied them with the intent of trying to find truth out there (I really like Judaism - I am a boundary-needing sort of person, but you can’t beat those Hindus for good storytelling). I am probably a little more liberal than most members of my family or my neighbors, but my choices in life have made me so.

I did grow up in "the mission field" (a curious phrase), so that had A LOT to do with personal choices etc. as a young person. I was exposed to everything teenager-dom had to offer. Most of it I found totally unappealing (especially alcohol poisoning and puking black stuff into the shower at the mock UN). The “worst” I ever behaved, religiously speaking, was as a returned missionary at BYU. What does that say about me? Hmmm…

But I do credit my personal happy existence to following “the code” of Mormonism. I KNOW that without it I would be a crack whore. Fo rizzle. But I feel like I have figured out my place in it all, the universe I mean. I don’t have all the answers, by any means!, but that doesn’t bother me, either. And I hate to say it sometimes because it is SO personal and we as Mormon hear it day in and day out, but I KNOW I have a Father in Heaven. Personally, I know this. I totally understand how one person can feel so strongly about this, and another person cannot because they just don’t. It is the great mystery, but that’s why we’re writing this together, isn’t it? To kind of figure it out?


I can’t believe I stole your title, what a brat I am… I even read your entire post before writing mine. I didn’t mean to, I promise, it just happened. I like what you had to write. You go way back to the pioneer days girl… impressive. Utah does by far have the most interesting history of any state in my opinion… and your family are founders practically!!

If you really want I will send you my time line… the original post.

Maybe Kacy will have both of us over for hot chocolate at Christmas and we will meet.

I love your conviction. Its beautiful.

So now we know Carrie has depth. But did you also know she has impeccable taste? How lucky am I: She lives in my EXACT same houseplan (behind me, through our "bird sanctuary"--what I can't see with the naked eye I see with binoculars. Emphasis on naked) and she is a designer. Hello? Can you say, steal and copy decorating ideas from Carrie Ann?

So now we know that I am shallow. Oh yes, I'm Mormon too, FYI, lot's of conviction, etc. (I think I really pulled it out there at the end, don't you?)

I like a lot of what you had to say, especially how open minded you are.

I also want to steal your design ideas and the video you made. Fo rizzle.

I love this...just LOVE it. I love the "realness" of everything you said, and stand for. I'm just tickled to be a part of this. Yes, I just said "tickled."

And as I'm making my way through all my co-blogger's Intro's...I'm struck by how amazing we all are in our own way. This is fabulous.

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