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Thursday, January 20, 2005 

Boom, Boom...Ain't It Great To Be Crazy??

Ahhh….Girls Camp. There are words or phrases that immediately take my brain to thinking about camp. I remember Kapers (I think that’s how it is spelled) which is just a nice way of saying CHORES, people. I cannot forget the RED DIRT and the impact it has on any color of clothing. I remember the love of and being a Big Sister. They changed the name to YCLs…but I will always remember being a Big Sister on Big Sister Hill enjoying the things that Big Sisters do best. Oh, and the cots! The misery of cots…but the wonderfulness of sleeping under the stars. Boom Chicka-Boom…need I say more? And who could ever forget CHUCKS…who knew that out-houses could have so much personality? Yes there are things that don’t necessarily bring happy thoughts…but that’s part of life. And part of camp.

I think that my fondest memories are from my 4th level and on. The first three years were great, but there is just something about those last three years as a camper or Big Sister that really stick out in my mind. (For the record, pretty much hated camp when I came back as a councilor that 7th year…I had the group from HELL. I kid you not.) But I love that I can remember hikes and singing most of the way…even when you were completely out of breath; it just helped pass the time. I love remembering how disgustingly dirty we all were by the end of the week…because it was just so funny. And being able to play Dot-to-Dot with Jaimee’s mosquito bites when it looked like she had chicken pocks. I love the memories of hangin’ with my gals and the fun we ALWAYS had. I remember the BIG fourth level hike and the hard work that went with it. We were so stoked when we got back, we were SO LOUD and were incredibly annoying to EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THAT CAMP. I love remembering the year that Jaimee slapped Sarah to bring her back to reality and I can’t believe she didn’t bring that up because we still laugh about it often. I love the fact that our last year for being Big Sisters we totally made the 4th levels go through an initiation process with NOTHING BUT FUN TASKS and actually had Happy Meals waiting for them to continue the tradition of having McDonald’s on The Hill. We were just the coolest.

And Sarah…I LOVE remembering Ruffles and Carl Jr. I wonder what happened to those two.

I have so many memories of camp and have a deep love for those memories. Most of those memories include Sarah and Kaycee and Rachel and Jaimee. But this is what it all boils down to: When you take away all of the “worldly” or outside influences (fashion, appearances, boys, status, etc.) and bring a BUNCH of girls together to camp, there is MUCH love, acceptance, friendships (singing) and bonding. There were girls in our stake that I really could do without…they just weren’t very pleasant. But once you got them to camp…you saw a completely different side to those people. You developed a love for people you just never thought possible. And yeah, it totally sucked that as soon as you stepped into the “real world” those people went back to being real…but you just waited until the next year when you could love them once again. I guess THAT is the beauty of Girls Camp.

Well, that and cornrows.

Cornrows... Good call.

I think you're right. I think there is something about being at Girls' Camp that makes everyone there more lovable.

I wonder why that is... 

Posted by Kaycee

I loved Big SIster Hill, sometimes I call her mom, but she is not that big, she is only 5'2".

See the secret of girls camp is to be able and take that love and carry it on after camp, even when the girls go back to being nobs in the real world 

Posted by Cameron

Hmm... I tried really really hard to bring my love back into the real world once I got back from girls camp... but ya just cant take the nob out of me... no matter how hard you try.

Big Sister Hill was my camp leader and I love her too, but never called her mom. 

Posted by Rebecca

OH my dear sweet Carl's Jr. How I miss him so! You know what else I just remembered about you, me, Jaimme and camp? Remember when Ben sent cupcakes up to Jaimee and I prentended to put them into the fridge and then someone came after me as I was coming out of the fridge and said, "Jaimee wants those back!" and I brang the Tupperware container back to Big Sister Hill only it had been EMPTY when I took it down the first time and I had FILLED IT with leftovers because we were hungry and they wouldn't feed us, so we went all spy-like on the mess hall ladies and STOLE the food they wouldn't give us. And THEN we threw the chicken bones and stuff down the Chucks! Man, what good times!  

Posted by Sarah Marinara

OH MY GOSH!!! I had totally forgotten about that!!! Oh my, that is so funny. SUCH REBELS we were NOT! lol

Oh, but feeding Chuck the "leftovers"...oh that's just classic. 

Posted by JP

It's times like this that I wonder why you weren't born 1st. To set the Girls Camp tone for me. 

Posted by Jess

It's amazing what not showering, singing and staying outdoors,(in some capacity), can do to people. I guess it's better to love someone once a year than not at all. 

Posted by Star

I loved summer camp, I went to an actual girl scouts camp one year and hated it. It was one big click. But all the ones my church did were soooo much fun!

Did you guys ever do the ice cream trough's where you had to eat the sunday with no hands??? We LOVED that one.

Sounds like you guys had great times!!! Its so great to hear your stories...thanks! 

Posted by EJ

I'm totally getting warm fuzzies right now...is that gross? I really wish I could have gone to camp with you guys. I love that camp changed people, even for a little while...it's good to know that some of these "nobby" (nobby..is that a Utah thing? :))people had the potential to be cool.  

Posted by Carrie Ann

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