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Friday, January 21, 2005 

Boys Scout Camp, was it a waste of time?

So this is the fourth time I have started this entry, I hate to say it, but from a guys perspective its not that interesting of a topic. For the girls camp is a once a year deal, with months of planning and hundreds of girls. For the guys, campouts are nearly a monthly event. With 10 guys max. I have been on campouts that were thrown together a week before. Of course this throws the logic of a 3 month ward calendar out the window. Basically it was a chance for the scouts to get out and sleep in the dirt. ( No we do not have cabins to sleep in.) Of course I do have fond memories of those campouts. Luckily we did not have so sit around and sing songs. It was a time to cook manly breakfasts, sit around fires while making fun of each other, and play mean tricks on each other. Male bonding at its best.
So to answer the question Camp: Entertaining or Horrifically Tragic, I would have to say who’s point of view?

If it was JC or RB or SP, then I would say horrifically tragic. Crappy tin foil dinners, really bad therefore cold sleeping bags, no fishing skills, and a general distaste for the outdoors makes for a long trip. On the other hand you take me, I could sleep in the dirt for months on end, and eat nothing but freshly caught fish and be as happy as could be. I have friends who are the same way. So its hard to answer that question. I know there are guys who have come back from trips and do not speak to anybody for weeks after, and then there are guys who have come back from a trip and are been best friends with someone they hated. (Of course not Carlos who leaped across a HUGE fire to tackle me off the log I was on for repeating a Spanish phrase one of the guys told me to say. I have not won many fights in my life, but I took care of myself on that one. Of course it helped that as soon as he hit me I had 6 guys jump on top of him.)
It all comes done to a matter of attitude. Those guys who struggled in life and made things difficult for themselves did not do so well. Those that knew how to “play well” with each other enjoyed themselves. The important part of boy scout camps is that the opportunity to grow and mature and develop friends was extended to all, and just like life it’s a matter of recognizing that invitation, and responding. My only hope is that in some small way I was able to help someone, during one of the many trips we took feel welcome and feel like they were somebody.

Cameron, you are JUST THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! Very well put...great post.

And while I didn't sleep in any such cabins...you're right about the MONTHS of planning that goes on for Girls Camp. My dad actually..um..laughs at it. He's a big camper/scout, so planning a campout the week before is REALLY planning ahead. 

Posted by JP

So I have basically been in your ward my entire religious life and I cannot for the life of me figure out who ‘JC’, ‘RB’ or ‘SP’ are… and then I find it funny that you clearly think protecting these people by using acronyms is important… but Carlos you name out right. Please explain further.

… oh wait I just figured out Jason.

Posted by Rebecca

Carlos was in the ward for about 3 months, I doubt anyone would really remember him. the others were just faces in the wind 

Posted by Cameron

I must correct my sweet sister. JP: Dad puts A LOT into his activities. Have you tried to schedule weekend plans with him? Get in line behind scouts.
I thought last week's activity was sort of clever: the ground was too saturated for camping, so he taught his boys how to use city transportation-they went on a bus ride and then for a ride on light rail. 

Posted by Jess

Do you think that maybe it isn't as interesting from a guys perspective because they camp SO much more often? Do you think if they were to go only once per year, it would have a different impact?

Liked the post, Cameron.


Posted by Sandy

Or maybe if they spent an entire year prepare for it and went with the entire Stake, rather then just the ward? 

Posted by Rebecca

Jess, I love the fact that your dad took the boys on a city transportation outing. That is fabulous! They should do that with young women! 

Posted by Star

cameron... see...you are amazing. You don't need me to write these things for you ;)

I have to say I was alway jealous of the scouts. They didn't have HALF the rules we did, and they just seemed to have had a MUCH better time.

And there were no cabins at our girls camp... we slept under the stars... usually on cots.

Which reminds me of the THREE TIMES I BROKE a cot. Not funny being the fat girl at camp... well... okay... sometimes it was, but breaking the cots... yeah not so much.

My goodness I'm all kinds of rambeling today. 

Posted by Sarah Marinara

We had cabins, but our Stake President felt that the girls in his Stake would have a better time in tent camp... so while there were five sections of cabins and one section of tents (that is right six Stakes at Camp Shalom at a time) we had the tent camps five of the seven years I went... cots would have been cool. 

Posted by Rebecca

so laughing right now...ya'll kill me...

Poor "Jason"...he was just outed.

Posted by JP

I am still a little jealous that the scouts get to go camping WAY more often. I sometimes felt like they were learnign all the survival skills and we were just "pretending." I don't know what it's like in our ward, but it seems like the girls do all their certifying before they even go to camp! What do they do AT camp? If I hadn't have been such a weasle, I would know.

Sensitive, post Cam. Do you hate being called sensitive? Well I like it about you so there. In my ward in high school there were definitly a couple of guys who where "hatin' it" in scouts, but I was happy to know that the "cool" guys took them under their wings (in a headlock most likely) and helped them out.... 

Posted by Carrie Ann

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