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Wednesday, January 05, 2005 

Friends, Mormons, Countrymen

I was introduced to the blogging world while trying to find contact information to plan my 10-year high school reunion. I "Googled" a name... and this online diary thing came up and I was amazed. I had found the correct person (because, and this still amazes me, some people use their real names on their blogs) so I ended up with the contact information I needed. I told the other members of the reunion committee about this amazing happenstance and one of them mentioned that she worked with someone who had attended our high school and had a blog. It was my old friend and pen-pal Sarah Marinara.

I was floored! I could hardly contain my excitement over being in touch with Sarah again. But what was this new world where people said whatever they wanted to the world? I didn't really know, but I wanted some.

In the few days prior to finding Sarah & her blog, I'd been realizing (again) that the combination of my clumsiness and terrible luck made the bad things happening to me quite funny. One friend told me, "I don't even remember what I laughed at before we were friends." So, why not share it with the world? The possibility of others receiving the joy that my friends did from my minor miseries might mitigate the fact that they actually happened to me. Maybe?

It was a perfect fit for me because like Sarah and Rebecca, I've always had a writing habit. During junior high and high school, it took the form of a journal. In college, it was my 10 pen pals, and later my email addiction (internet dating, anyone?). After college, though, I stopped writing, and there was a void.

I tried to fill that void by taking on responsibilities, thinking that I just wasn't busy enough. Not true. I thought that after I found the love of my life the void would be filled. It wasn't. My life changed and was improved, but there was something missing.

It was this. Writing. Knowing someone would read the things that I came up with and that they might think something new, laugh, be moved, or be moved to laugh.

But why here at Various Stages? I’m quite contented with my decision to leave the church. I’m happier this way, even though I know that it makes others feel that I am a “lost sheep.”

The problem is that I’ve got culture shock. It’s almost like I’ve immigrated to a new country. I have a great deal of knowledge and I still understand the culture, but I’m not moving back.

Various Stages is where I’ll talk with my former countrymen and my fellow immigrants. I look forward to the discussions we’ll have.

12:02:08 ?? Why did you pick these numbers? Are they lucky? I think I will use them with my next Lotto and find out myself. I’ll give you $5 if I win.

Seriously though, what you wrote is wonderful (I’m trying to cut back on the word beautiful, but you all keep making everything beautiful which is making this hard).

The only reason I ever returned to your blog is because the first time I read it you made me laugh. It wasn’t a big long post or anything, it was just this one liner about how you turned the sink on with your butt. Remember? I flagged you to my favorites after that… and the rest is history.

But then, on a more serious note, when you bring up the culture shock part of choosing to leave the church you make me feel less alone out here, less like an immigrant. I couldn’t have explained it better. Thanks Kaycee for making this happen! 

Posted by Rebecca

1.) I too don't understand people who reveal their identity on the internet. It felt like I was 'coming out' by using 'Jess'. There's too much at stake to give away much more.
2.) I'm so jealous that you're having your reunion. My ten-year came and went without anyone raising any flags. Watch out. Someone-I-know spent 3-4 hours everyday planning hers.
3.) As your former but current countryman I will try to keep my soapbox under control, but you all need to realize that you've not only opened the can, you have spread the worms out all over the space. Having said that... I am very open minded. 

Posted by Jess

All I can say is that I am so stinking happy my co-worker told you about my website even though I asked her specifically not to tell anyone about it ever.

Also, I love that you blog. You make me laugh every day. And really... so few people can so that. 

Posted by Sarah Marinara

AWESOME post. I'm starting love our group more and more and more. And I echo the others...you make me laugh. Oh, Girl...you make me laugh! 

Posted by JP

I got yelled at AGAIN for not commenting on Sarah M's words. Stop getting mad at me, I am busy trying to get done with the book. But nice words Kaycee, and Sarah Yesterday. I know I was invited as the Male/Active person, but I feel like I am the "silly" one to keep too many people from crying from you ladies "beautiful" words. Good job ladies KEEP IT UP!

Becca: Don't be lonely. Maybe its time you get another cat.

Jess: If thats your real name.....I missed my 5 year and my 10 year, and no big deal, they are all a bunch of jerks anyway!

Sarah: Do I make you laugh? If not have you heard the one about the man and the dog on the raft in the Pacific Ocean? Wow mixed company sorry, and nevermind. 

Posted by Cameron

Cameron - re: reunion. I felt the need to show up to my reunion NOT PREGNANT with my 10th child as predicted. Just 2 kids folks. 

Posted by Jess

I guess I'm also a little suprised that I didn't pop out 5 little ones. But I'm staying pat on 2. 

Posted by Jess

Great post. I'm glad to have found this site. We're putting up a link to you at BCC. 

Posted by Steve Evans

I LOVE this blog. I love reading about all your different situations and stories. I have to admit I have been lurking on some of your other blogs for some time and never had the courage to comment. I like that you have a new blogger for every day because there's something new everyday and I have a really short attention span so it's good to have a new writer everyday!
Love it, keep it up! 

Posted by Science Mommy

I am so intrigued by your explorations! I really hope we all get to the point where we can really REALLY share some of these experiences. I love the nitty gritty, and you and everyone else participating are SO intriguing!

I went to my ten year...i wasn't expecting much, but even still I was disappointed. It was held in a bar in downtown Boston (funny, but I had visions of our old school gym with tinsle streamers and foil stars), and the music was SO loud no one could even talk. It gave me a migrane.

Oooh, but let's talk about what it was like to be the ONLY Mormon in you high school, OK? 

Posted by Carrie Ann

Not only is it incredibly crowded in here but its gett’in a little too touchy feely too! I always thought that Marinara was a pasta sauce so I was forever confused all the way back at Kacy’s blog when I first heard the mention of Sarah Marinara’s name and now she even leaves al dente comments. Not to mention that there’s also abject praising of people for turning on sinks with their butts being suggested as reasons for communication!

As for the internet ID give away? Take my identity -Please!

Blogs are the new fern bars of the 2000nds. Where people meet, but don’t, and its soooooooo much safer that way. Besides, I’m really a stunningly beautiful lesbian bi-polar catholic priest with a slight hunchback and there’s no way to prove otherwise!

Sorry! I just can’t comment on Kacy’s blog any more because of the children’s sake so I’m a tad pent up! None the less, an excellent read, all of you…

Posted by Fromage

Fromage: It's just that well, I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. That's what my blog is all about. I knew you were a hunchback. You punctuate like a hunchback.

Kaycee: You just appeal to me because you are funny. And interesting. And cool. You're not a hunchback, are you? 

Posted by Kacy

Kacy: Sometimes... I am. 

Posted by Kaycee

I don't know what's better there...the posts or the comments!!! 

Posted by EJ

oh...so much laughing. 

Posted by JP

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