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Saturday, January 08, 2005 

I Blog, Therefore I Am

At first, blogging seemed like something “other people” did. People who download music, people who have frequented chat rooms, people who use internet cafes, people with few friends and a lot of free time…

Then a friend of mine showed me the blog site of her husband’s ex-girlfriend, a girlfriend who caused some trouble in their courtship. This ex-girlfriend blogged her personal life for the world to see, and my friend read it compulsively because she would often reference my friend’s husband (not by name) as part of her painful past.

I was intrigued, but my opinion of blogging didn’t change that much.

Until Kacy… Kacy is very cool and she is a friend of mine. We have known each other for a while, but we bonded over the blog. Kacy showed me that cool people blog (Kacy and David Sedaris and Zac Braff), and that you can blog about cool things (wolves, numchucks, crack whores, reality TV show auditions gone awry, etc.).

I used to write everyday. I wrote short stories and kid’s stories (and even started a novel – gasp!), and it was a great creative outlet. The more I wrote, the more fodder for writing would appear in my life and on my screen. With the idea of a blog, a whole new world of creative opportunity opened before my eyes.

I started blogging timidly, and suddenly I “met” many, many cool people. And not just distant, untouchable celebrity people, but funny, touching, “normal”, heart-wrenching, REAL people within my grasp! And these people have friends and very little free time! My cup runneth over now with interesting people who share with me an honest (and outright hilarious) view of their world. My life is enriched, and I feel blessed and downright honored to share their “space” and participate in this venture.

As a (rather shallow) side note, in eighth grade, my best friend Heather LeMasters said to me, “You’re going to be famous one day, I know it,” and I totally took it to heart. A couple of years later, I received my patriarchal blessing and one little section mentions something that I have chosen to interpret a certain way, and have been seeking fame subconsciously since. I see blogging as a way to get myself out there. I’m not looking for an agent or anything; I’m looking for disciples, a following so to speak.

So to boil it down to the honest truth:

Self-conscious reason: Kacy showed me that blogging is cool. And I want to be cool like Kacy.

Noble reason: I love to write (not as a career, as an outlet) and writing a blog helps me notice and appreciate all the strange and wonderful things that happen to me each day. It makes me use my brain again!

Touching reason: I have found a lot of truly interesting, insightful, intelligent people who are willing to “put it out there”. Kudos.

Shallow reason (with me, there is always at least one): If there is the slightest chance of fame or fortune involved, I’ll do it.

I love that I am first so that I can tell you how much I ADORE you and how I love your post. You have a gift for storytelling...and I'm ALWAYS entertained. Keep it up, my friend. 

Posted by JP

Is it back that I identify most with your "shallow reason"? Yes? I can deal with that. 

Posted by Kaycee

Kaycee & Carrie Ann: Don't you wonder or worry that your brilliant writings and thoughts will be scooped up by some big TV or movie maker and claim them as their own, taking your fame? I'm just plain-Jane, in Northern Nevada, not necessarily a good writer or anything special, but there's a 14-year-old girl inside me who thinks maybe I have something special, and that keeps me from pouring my heart out in my blog. 

Posted by Jess

This is a wonderful close to our first week WONDERFUL!! And to think your Patriarchal Blessing says you will be FAMOUS… as your disciple I can’t wait to ride on your coat tails to the top of this blog world.  

Posted by Rebecca

Carrie Ann... I SO believe you will be famous. Please remember the little people when you get there. And by little people, I mean me specifically.

Personally, the more readers I get the more freaked out I am about the whole thing. While I've never had to deal with someone stealing my stuff (at least not that I know of) I worry constantly that I have said far too much. Truth of the matter is, I am terrified of becoming "famous" 

Posted by Sarah Marinara

Blogging is great for me because I might never know how famous I really am, so my head won't get too big for my hat, so to speak. Thankfully, I don't wear that many hats... Too bad there are no red carpet affairs in the blogging world. Who wants to start one? My driveway is available... 

Posted by Carrie Ann

That would be the one and only red carpet event that I would wear a strapless gown to.

When I win my Emmy I'm wearing jeans. 

Posted by Jess

Because I have poor math skills, I was thinking to myself, "It's too bad there are only seven days in a week, because I would be a great candidate for the 8th team member of 'Various Stages of Mormondom.'" But, then I read the post that mentioned no one writes on Sundays... I'm your man. And here are my reasons why. Before I start my list, can I add that I am extremely new to the world of blogs? Like Carrie Ann, I thought it was something that "other people" did. But then Carrie told me about "Stuff-n-Stuff"...her personal blog. Hilarious. Entertaining. Oft times revealing. I was immediately addicted. I started my own blog but didn't tell a soul. I'd rather blog with a group - this group - because I think I have something to contribute. I have no idea if this sort of thing is frowned upon in a blogger's world. I feel like I'm inviting myself to a friend-of-a-friend's party. To be honest, I don't even know if I will actually submit this comment. I'm nervous. I have a knot in my stomach. Nonetheless, here are my reasons: 1.) My Sunday's are wide open, now that our meeting block has moved to 9 am. 2.) I have a connection to Carrie Ann, but no one else in the group. I have no idea who any of you are, but your words on my computer screen have already made me laugh so hard I had to wake up my husband to share (the "tube top"!!) and I've teared up more than once. I like and respect you already, and I want to hear your opinions about, well, my opinions. 3.) "I'm a mormon, yes I am. And if you want to see a mormon I'm a livin' specimen. Maybe you think I'm just like anybody else..." I hope you know the song. I can add more to the already round perspective you offer on mormon thought and culture. Should I include my "mormon resume" here? I've been a Relief Society President and teacher, but for the first time I am serving as a Beehive advisor. (Suits me much better.) I guess the thing that appeals to me most about your blog is that it addresses my deepest feelings and convictions associated with my personal testimony, and at the same time offers perspective for the moments when I have thought, "How the hell am I supposed to try to be perfect, teach 12-year-olds how to try to be perfect, and all the while feel like the most imperfect person in the world?" (Maybe I should start by not swearing...) The guilt really gets to me. It really does. 4.) I live in Oregon. Does this help somehow? I thought maybe another "mission field" (I'm cringing because I just used that term) perspective would be attractive. 5.) I just finished "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" by Lynne Truss. I'm feeling anxious to test out my new apostrophes' and com,mas. 6.) I want to be a contributing member of a book club. I've been a wife and stay-at-home mom for 8 years and I'm feeling new synapsis form in my brain even as I am writing. Me want to talk pretty one day, too. 7.) I can't afford therapy, but think this would be a great substitute. 8.) I promise to divulge more than I ever have to my journal. Like Carrie Ann I am scared that if I really told how I felt my posterity would think I was wicked and (gasp) imperfect.

You can say "no". That's ok. Just know that I'll be reading your every word anyway and making comments longer than this one every time...yes...that's a threat.

Posted by Suzie Petunia

Well Suzie Petunia, if it were up to me I'd say welcome aboard. I've already been reading your blog via Carrie Ann's. I like how you ended your post with a threat. That seems the most compelling--very Sopranos.  

Posted by Kacy

Suzy Petunia, you demonstrate the purpose of this blog very well. You MUST read every word and your MUST give us YOUR opinion and you MUST comment like this EVERY TIME...and that's an order. 

Posted by Carrie Ann

So Sister Petunia are you going to post your blog here so that we can see it and peruse? Or do I have to stalk you down... I will!!

And what a compliment to us that you would even want to join…

Posted by Rebecca

I love this group. I've never felt more proud and excited to be a part of something. We are SO DAMN INTERESTING!

Oops...am I going to kicked out for swearing? ;)  

Posted by JP


I LOVE that you want to be part of this. We are honored, honestly. Your comment was funny, interesting, and clearly shows that you have the qualities we value here at Various Stages.

However, after some discussion (which, of course, involved how smart and funny you are), we've decided to stay as we are... mainly because we think that right now things are balanced. 3 who are active LDS people, 3 who are not.

Also, because that we rest on Sundays makes Sarah giggle. Anything to amuse.

We would like to link to you as one of our commenters (I've stalked you down and found your blog, already) if that's okay with you?

The fact that you wanted to be in this just makes all of us value it more. 

Posted by Kaycee

I posted my last comment at 3:15 am, and when I woke up on Sunday morning I felt a little bit like, "What did I do?" Kind of a "morning after" feeling, I guess. Seriously though, it's ok. I love to read and comment, and I am glad you know who I am now. I promise I'll be around. I'm a bit addicted. I told two of my young-mom-friends in my ward about this blog today. They had never heard the word "blog"! But, it's only a matter of time before Carrie Ann and the whole lot are blogging celebs. (I'll do what I can to make it happen!) I would be honored to be a commenter (...I'd like to thank my ward family, the bishop and all of the little people [aka my kids]...).

As far as "being even" 3 and 3... Would it help if I started going to church only every other Sunday?...  

Posted by Anonymous

I clearly just demonstrated my newbie-ness by posting that last comment as "anonymous". Blush. 

Posted by Suzie Petunia

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