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Friday, January 14, 2005 

Jeans and T-Shirt, would make the world a better place.

Since this is a blog on fashion apparently, I thought it would be nice to be fashionably late with the blog, get , funny huh?

Well I am not sure that being the second to last blogger is much fun because pretty much every thing has been said at least once and in some cases more then once.
I figured I would write about one of my very first comments on this matter. Fashion just does not matter.
I know that most of you are going to disagree, and I am going hear that its an expression, and a way to set us apart and whatever arguments people want to come up with about how important it is to societies, and personal life’s, but I just do not buy it.
Here's why. Every generation looks back at the other generations and there is a little bit of a mocking attitude to how they dressed. Could we ever return to the 50’s where kids wore slacks, and men walked around in suits even if they worked at the sewer plant, and women were in dresses? Who knows, all it would take is for Versace or Armani to put it in the display windows and our fabulous herd mentality would have us dressing like it. I remember talking with some friends a few years back about how stupid we looked in our I-Zods with the collars turned up. Well guess what, its back. I can remember when I used to wear truckers hats, not because Ashton Kutcher wears them, but because I actually thought I looked good in them. It was the nylon mesh; I loved how the ends of my hair poked through the holes. Every generations has there embarrassments, and people talking about how dumb they looked. Bell bottoms area a perfect example. 10 years ago, we mocked them, now half the pants out there are bell bottoms.

I can think of some really great people in our school, neighborhood, and in my life that were not the most fashionable people. I hate to admit that I have even avoided them because I wanted to be in the popular crowd. I have waited till no one was looking and went into my brothers room and took clothes from him because I did not know how to be fashionable. I had to leave the house wearing a big coat so no one would know. As I look back now, it does not matter if people accepted me for how I dressed. I think about a good friend I have now that I shunned in my younger years because he did not dress right, he is an amazing person, one of my best friends. We have been programmed to think that. And its not just LDS, its every click its every social group (OK, not everyone, I hate hasty generalizations such as “Oh mormons do this…… I seldom hear that and can actually agree.) So a large chunk of our society have been programmed that way. I watched a documentary about MTV once. They interview the President, and he said (paraphrasing) “lets face it MTV is nothing but one continous commercial. The clothes the VJs wear their hair styles the fashions and cars and bling bling its all one big ad.” How sad that parents would let their kids discisions be influenced by this. No wonder my mom would not let us watch MTV. I applaud people like JP who have dared say I will have a stand in what my child wears.

What I really wish is that everyone would wear jeans and a t-shirt. I think that we would be a much happier society if everyone was in jeans a t-shirts. We would be more comfortable and happy if only we dressed like this. (Plus if you saw a lady on the freeway with a flat, there would be no, “I wish I could stop and help, but I am dressed to nice”)

I know that this is mostly ramblings and I am not sure if I came to a point, but I read in a newspaper once an interview with a college professor who said
“When we try to dress different, all we do is end up dressing just like everyone else that is dressing different.”

I guess what I am trying to say is that fashion comes and goes, it gets made fun of, then it becomes popular. Its fleeting, its like trying to keep your computer updated, nearly impossible without costing you a fortune. Jerry Seinfeld does a bit where he talks about how people dress in the future, meaning the shiny silky clothing and how we might as well give up on current fashion because it appears by all the sci-fi movies that we are all going to be dressing the same in the future anyway.

There are far more important things in life then worrying about our dress. Like how can we get light ranch dressing to taste more like normal ranch.

PS Can I rant about one more thing? LDS girls who wear garments, and belly shirts. I would hope after having been through the temple you would have a little better understanding of life and how unimportant wearing cute clothing really is. Come on, you are not in high school anymore buy a stupid shirt that fits.

Love you all, and I hope everyone makes themselves a great day!

Nicely done Cameron… even though you did a little bashing to not only one of my favorite hobbies, but also one of my many majors in school… FASHION. As I am sitting here on casual Friday wearing my jeans and t-shirt (paired with some hot red heels) I am thinking you are right about…

the ranch thing. Why doesn’t light taste like regular?

Posted by Rebecca

Nice post Cameron. It's interesting to hear the dress thing from a male perspective. Less modesty talk too. =)I agree that the belly-shirt-garment thing is way tacky. It just looks bad.

Posted by Star

So, you're advocating just wearing jeans and a t-shirt... How does this apply to "Wearing your Sunday best" to church? 

Posted by Kaycee

I think fashion means different things to different people. I think what is most imporant when deciding how to dress is respect for yourself and respect for others. There is a general idea of what is appropriate for each situation and within that wear what feels good. 

Posted by EJ

I would guess that Cameron would be an advocate for uniforms in public schools. I held a debate on that in college and you would be amazed at the mixed emotions on the subject.

Only one question....Cameron, would you be attracted to your girlfriend if she showed up to your first date in a frumpy t-shirt and sweats?


Posted by Sandy

Sandy... do you have a blog address? Each time you post I click on your name and it brings me back to here. I would love to read your other stuff because I love what you have said here.


Posted by Rebecca

I had a comment at 9:30 and was interrupted...feels like I've been missing out.
I'm a jeans kind of girl. God bless Old Navy.
BUT - Jeans and T-Shirt does not perfect or simplify our fashion world. When I was a Jr. & Sr. in highschool is was obsessed with Guess Jeans. At $50-$70 (back then), it's hard to pull that off in a big mormon family. My little "hamburger stand" paychecks would go to said jeans, and then my friends and I would trade, spreading the wealth. (they called me Guessica). Today it would be Tommy jeans (not me personally), nevertheless, our priorities still find a way of getting screwed up. "Tommy jeans or pay off a debt?"
Rebecca: love the red shoes with jeans. Isn't it fun to dress up jeans?
I'm all for uniforms in school. 

Posted by Jess

Good point Jess. Jeans and T's have their own fashion world... I went to buy a pair of Rockin Republic (Because the have R's on the butt pockets... for Rebecca) but came home empty handed when the price tag was $189. For Jeans! 

Posted by Rebecca

"R" for Rebecca? My fiance only wears ball caps with his initial on them. You two should talk. 

Posted by Kaycee

Did you see the episode of Will & Grace when Will came home from (I think) France with fancy jeans and everybody thought he was wearing girl jeans? 

Posted by Jess

I can definitly see your point, Cameron. I am ALL FOR schood uniforms, for instance. Suprising probably...... but I will forever and always love clothes. I have even wondered what kinds of clothes we will wear in the after life...When we were young, I know we all OBSESSED over stupid clothes, it's too bad. But thankkfully, most of us grow up. And I'm not sorry to see Izod shirts with the collar up come back! It was hot then, and it's hot now! :)

I do have to make a light comment about jeans though. As a "curvy" female, not all jeans are created equal. There are jeans that make me look like a lumberjack, and jeans that make me look 10 lbs thinner, etc. I feel extorted every time I have to buy new jeans. Jeans are not the great equalizer.

Maybe to make it more equal, we should all wear scrubs. That's it...white scrubs in the afterlife... 

Posted by Carrie Ann

Rebecca: Ranch - it's only ranch if you mix it from the Hidden Valley packet. 

Posted by Jess

Cameron: Are you suggesting that LDS people aren't the only people who judge others? Thanks for mentioning that. And, it really must be said, you looked good in your izod with the turned up collar. That was when you were in 5th and I was in 6th and Paul Ridd reigned supreme. 

Posted by Kacy

Where to start....

Becca: Is fashsion a real major?
Star: Tacky is a great way to put it.
Kaycee: I have a t-shirt that has a tie printed on it, and a pair of jeans with that are dark blue.
EJ: Nice comments
Sandy: Yes I have no problem with uniforms in schools, I think the stats speak for themseleves.
Jess: Try TJ Maxx Name brand jeans at bargin prices
Kacy: Yes I did look good in I-Zods, and sometimes I would wear them with my bermunda shorts, and my sandles and white socks, all I can say is DAMN I looked good. 

Posted by Cameron

Carrie Ann: JP has a hard time buying jeans too. She's got some long legs. 

Posted by Jess

Cameron: Are you serious "is fashion a real major"? 

Posted by Jess

I like what you had to say, Cameron. My daily uniform happens to be jeans, so I felt very validated. I try to wear something other than a t-shirt with it so I can feel the tiniest bit dressed up. I wish I had red heels, Rebecca, so I could really dress it up around the house!

I have wondered my whole life why I am always the last one to know something is in style. Thank you for answering that great conundrum, Cameron. I have never been one to watch Mtv.

Here is my super conservative perspective for you: I was at the temple last night and I really couldn't get this discussion about dress out of my head. For those who don't know much about the temple, everyone wears white while they are there. I personally have never bought my own temple dress because I love to rent the ones they offer there. They are completely devoid of any kind of fashion statement. They are SOOO comfortable...I imagine this is why some people are inclined to wear muumuus: they are the same general shape. But no one cares in the temple. Giving "those looks" and passing judgment is really minimized in the temple because everyone looks somewhat the same. That is the point of wearing white while you're there: everyone is supposed to look the same in the temple because we all come before God in the same physical, imperfect state. If you're ever worn down by the fashion world...just visit the temple.

The ultimate conclusion I came to last night was akin to Cameron's comments: when it all comes down to it, fashion just doesn't matter. What I wear does not make me more or less of who I am.

Carrie Ann, I have always secretly hoped I get to wear a rented temple dress in the afterlife. :)

(I posted one of the last comments on Monday that tries to answer a lot of commonly asked questions about the temple and associated dress standards. I don't know if many people saw it because it was so late in the day.)  

Posted by Suzie Petunia

Jess: I started to write "Is it like a dance major, or any of the other made up majors?" THen I thought maybe I should keep my smart-arsed comment to myself, and say, yes, I do acknowledge fashion as a major. :) 

Posted by Cameron

I love how we leave "notes" for eachother...

Cameron: EXCELLENT "ramblings" that brought up very good points.

Kacy: Thank you for pointing out that judging doesn't only come from LDS or any religious group...its all around.

CA: White scrubs...whoa. THAT would be interesting.

Becca: SO want a pair of red shoes...I just need to DO IT!

Jess: Yes...buying jeans used to be an issue...but can you say GAP Long and Lean jeans? Something to sing about...

And LITE RANCH? Please, NO! 

Posted by JP

JP: Leaving personal notes makes it, well personal
Suzie: That is exactly my thoughts, I have had that same thought sitting in the temple too, 

Posted by Cameron

Jeans and t-shirt are my favorite. No doubt about it. But even if everyone wore jeans and t-shirts, I don't know how much "happier" the world woudd be. There would always be "better" jeans, and cuter t-shirts, and new ways to compare oneself to somebody else or distinguish oneself from others. Self-expression is a human gesture. Even kids that are made to wear uniforms do so in bookbags, haircuts, clothes, socks.. and in how they cover their books. I think how you look does matter. I know that after a haircut I feel better. (whatever better might mean) and I know that I feel more competent in my job when I am wearing a suit and a green shirt (apparently helps to concentrate) than if I showed up in jeans a long-sleeve.
I also don't want the whole world in mao shirts. Think about how that has influenced china...
Finally though, I think that no matter how you dress, the thing that will resonate with people is WHAT you say & HOW you say it.  

Posted by marta


Um yeah...that's what I meant. ;) You crack my up, my friend... 

Posted by JP

Great comment Marta I feel that the end of it touches on what Fromage was saying two days ago. Clothing don't MAKE the person... you have to do that all on your own. 

Posted by Rebecca

I love the name Marta. 

Posted by Carrie Ann

I think the jeans and T shirt idea might be comfortable, but I know that I personally can't pull, and don't want to pull that look off all the time. I remember in high school having to dress up the day of a concert or production because our teachers said it would make us act better. I always thought it was B.S., but I think I've realized that I do act "better" when I'm dress nice. Not saying that I'm not junior high "naughty" in dress clothes, but it decreases the risk.

On the uniform subject-I always wished that I went to a private school or a school with uniforms. I think I had the glamorized uniform look in my head from TV movies. The guys always wanted the sexy school girl! 

Posted by Star

Star I think you get the uniform = cool idea from” Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with Sarah Jessica Parker – I love that movie.

I went to private school and wore a uniform ... not my entire life, but when I was younger. I wish I could have figured out the Velcro thing where the inside of my uniform was some cool, dance party U.S.A. stage worthy, outfit like Helen Hunts, but in the end it was just a plaid jumper with a white colored shirt, a white tie and saddle shoes. Uniforms don’t necessarily solve the problem… but they do help parents economically. Like Marta mentioned it was still obvious which kids came from money and which kids didn't. It was still obvious which kids felt the need to express themselves in an outward manner and which kids felt the need to hind behind their clothing.

Posted by Rebecca

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