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Sunday, January 02, 2005 

Our Beginnings

Our official beginning day is the beginning of a new year. So far, we have each created an introductory post to let you know a little bit about us. This post is how and why we started this blog.

The idea was originally Rebecca's and it's fruition was spurred by her blog post about Catcher in the Rye. JP and Sarah started talking about that post that day and decided to form a book club, which Sarah named "Various Stages of Mormondom."

I decided to put 2 and 2 together and form a blog where we could actually hold the book club discussions... AND MORE!

So, the idea that Rebecca had (which she stole from Fromage & friends' Spin Cycle blog), is that we would each take a day of the week and write to a weekly topic. Sarah and I came up with 4 broad categories that we could write on and we would just have to come up with slightly more specific areas to talk about for each.

Here is the sample schedule for the first 4 weeks:

Week --General Topic-----Sub-Topic
1-------Personal-----------How did you start blogging and why do you blog?
2-------Morality----------How you dress and what it means
3-------Mormon Culture--Faith and You
4------ Book Club---------Catcher in the Rye

The general topics would stay but we would always be coming up with new subtopics.

We have 6 writers and have no one write on Sundays. Since Rebecca, Sarah, JP and I were already integrally involved, we just needed two more. Two more writers who were "strong" members of the church (to balance things out a little). We pulled Cameron in because someone had the hold the priesthood around here (and he's really funny) and then Kacy recommended Carrie Ann (who is delightful) to complete the group.

And that is the true, if somewhat convoluted, story of how we began.

And I think it's to our credit that we are the #12 hit for the following search terms: stages crack whore.

That's something to be proud of.

HOORAY! I have made my dent on the world wide web. Ha Ha that all you dirty geezers looking for "crack whore" will come to our site on faith! Take that!

I am in stitches right now. We have not even begun and we already are on the crack whore hit list.

And as for Sundays... we don't post on Sunday's because on the seventh day we rest, but maybe we should consider a visitor post on fast Sundays...

You know Christina Aguilera is Mormon, or was... I learned that at Times and Seasons. I bet she would love to add a little tid bit.

Great opening Kaycee. Thanks for taking the initiative.

Finally the mystery and the suspense is over and its show time! However take a note from the Spin Cycle folk’s dilemma and communicate with one another like about group decisions. Such as whether or not you’re gonna be hate mongers or not! Or if any of the other member’s have hidden agendas, which of course I don’t see here, but I am only dropping a cautionary note! Otherwise Go Team Yeah!

I have a special place in my heart for crack whores.

Way to go Kaycee...thanks for shedding some light on our little group. You rock, my dear!

Thanks for the cautionary note Fromage we will keep this in mind as we move forward and thanks for the Spin Cycle concept we stole from all you who organized it... I will miss reading you every Monday morning over there (I know… I have already said it, but I can’t say it enough)!!

Oi! I step away for a day or two...and suddenly there are a weeks worth of posts to read!!! Ok, here goes..I'm catching up and I'm burning up the keyboard to leave comments for everyone. And let's face it..we ALL love comments!!! 

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