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Thursday, January 06, 2005 

To Blog or Not to Blog

To be perfectly honest, I blog because of Sarah. Plain and simple. I’ve been a fan of Sarah’s work since second grade and my admiration has only grown over the last 20 years. I’ve always been a frequent visitor to Sarah’s blog, but last summer I became somewhat obsessed. I used to just read it to keep tabs on what’s going on with Sarah. (I’m nosy like that.) But then all of a sudden I became a jealous child. I wanted one.

I wanted my own.

Sarah, being the good friend that she is, held my hand and helped me take my first baby steps to blogging. She knew that I had something inside that needed to get out. She knew that this would help heal some wounds that I just couldn’t get past. She knew that this would be EXACTLY what I needed.

I was nervous and honestly didn’t think I had anything interesting to say. I thought that I would just write to purge some of the stuff I’d been feeling and it would be a good way for me to sort some things out. I can honestly say that I didn’t think anyone (besides Sarah) would actually read it. But then I all of a sudden, I hoped that someone would read it.

Last year was a hard one in many ways. I’ve learned a lot about myself but there is so much that I’m still discovering. As cheesy as it sounds, my writing (blogging) helps me straighten it all out. I’ve also learned that it is something that I LOVE to do. I’ve never been a big writer, but have always liked doing it. Now, I have found a love for putting things down on paper (computer screen) even if I’m the only one who “gets it.” Somehow, writing it all down takes what is crazy in my head and makes it a tad more logical. It starts to make some sense.

I think I most love blogging because it is mine. This is something I don’t share with the kids and the hubby. Its MY thoughts and feelings and I’m in total control about what I post. Its me pouring out my heart or telling a crazy story about my kids and the understanding that comes from those who might read it. And for those that don’t understand…that’s okay too. There is a part of me that hopes that I am able to touch the lives of those who read my blog or make them laugh, just like so many of you do for me.

I’m excited for this blog. I’m excited that I can be a part of such an amazing and dynamic group of people. I’m excited to learn about other people’s experiences and how it has affected them. I’m excited to continue with something that I enjoy so much.

I’m excited for what this will bring.

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So that is just awesome that I reposted your entire post... not what I meant to say, but sounds good and familiar, huh. Please someone delete it. JP, you rule as does your post... twice.  

Posted by Rebecca

I've been experiencing that with comments too.
The website crashes (or something) and then when I refresh it posts the comment twice and I look real smart and pretty. 

Posted by Jess

JP-You Rock. And other people do "get it." Does anyone NOT blog because of Sarah? Can't wait to hear more about your takes on the things to come. 

Posted by Kaycee

Yes, thanks to Sarah, I'm never on-task at work. Ask my sister how much that drives me crazy, I used to rag on her all the time for it.

Of course I had the fear in the beginning: being a victim of one of Sarah's blogs. But time went on...blahm blah blah, then, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So now I'm worthless at work like the rest of you all. 

Posted by Jess

This is why we love JP, because she rocks our world. Plus she is the happy medium in this group. Right in the middle where she belongs.


Posted by Cameron

JP: You're the middle child, AGAIN. 

Posted by Jess

Whoa...happy medium...middle of the road...yeah, is that the nice way of saying I'm mediocre? ;)

I guess I'll take being in the middle if I rock people's world.  

Posted by JP

JP: Cam champions mediocrity and yelled at me once for not forcing him to "be better". I wouldn't take anything he says too seriously... EVER.

And every single day I am THRILLED that you blog. You are amazing. I love you loads! 

Posted by Sarah Marinara

I love that you do this for you...that you don't need validation from your hubby or kids to feel good about doing this. So you probably wouldn't appreciate me saying how great this is and how much I enjoy your blogs and how I'm looking forward to more insight from you on these topics. I'll just keep it to myself... 

Posted by Carrie Ann

You really captured it with "its for me". That is exactly how I feel. I can be serious or silly or make no sense at all. Sure I may get a comment or 15 that tell me to get over it or they have no idea what I am talking about...but in the end...its mind and I love it.

Oh...I just found Sarah through Rebecca, so I had to start on my own. But when I am done catching up here. I might just haunt every one of you! 

Posted by EJ

Cam champions mediocrity and yelled at me once for not forcing him to "be better".

Aww, I don't think Cam was championing mediocrity, but balance- both within JP as an individual and within the site because of JP. Balance is a very good thing.

JP, I liked this post as well- I think you explained why a lot of people blog. And it doesn't sound crazy that writing these things down causes them to make more sense- we're mostly other bloggers reading this- and a lot of us feel the same way. 

Posted by Anonymous

Why thank you, Anonymous. Well said. I think that's precisely why most of us blog. Once we put it out there, we realize there are people "out there" that feel the same way or that just understand.

Talk about your GROUP THERAPY. Holy Cow. 

Posted by JP

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