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Thursday, January 06, 2005 

Why I blog, a look into the somewhat normal life of Me.

Cameron’s Post:
First off, Becca, if you comment, please do not post my entire blog in your comment, I like to keep my writing clean. Second, Jess if you comment, please do not comment twice. Third, I am sending this to Becca to post for me, because I am going on a glorious 4 day ski trip to Grand Targhee. Now to the meat of things.

Why do I blog? Well if you have never been to my blog, then you don’t know why. It is so I can comment on Beccas. I read Becca’s and I wanted to comment, so I signed up, and thought I had to make my own blog (a word I had NEVER heard of before Becca introduced me) to comment on hers. Then when Kacy showed me how to see how many people are visiting my blog….. I got excited. I could not believe that people would want to read the inane ramblings that I have been known to spew. I am not a good writer. My degree is in Construction Management. Stick with what you know, that’s what I usually say. Writing is not a strong point. So it’s kind of funny that I am still blogging.

“She knew that I had something inside that needed to get out” Quoted from JP. Funny because most the stuff I let out usually should stay inside. Rambling is the only way to express myself, like the time that Ed and I decided to drive down to Escalante and his truck broke down in the middle of no where and we had to sleep in a horse coral…. Never mind. Sorry, I will try to keep focused when it is my turn to write.

So back to why I blog. It has become interesting to me, to read peoples thoughts, and to see that my life aint as bad as sometimes I think it is. (If you are feeling bad email me and I will send you a list of blogs of people with some messed up lives). I also like meeting new people, and making new friends. I also like reading my friends blogs because it shows me a different side to them, like Becca. Its been interesting being a “blogger”. There has been times that I run home and log on to read, and there are times when I go weeks with nothing. Sometimes I really have nothing to say or do. Silence can be my best friend at times.

PS This blog was NOT written on the toilet.

PPS- Note to anyone who is not Mormon reading this: Being a Mormon based blog, there may be terminology used that is very distinctive to the Mormon culture. If you are a little confused, please feel free to drop a comment saying you are lost. And Welcome to our little piece of insanity.

I wish I didn’t care so much about the stature of VSoM because I really wanted to post some crap in place of the post you provided me and then advertise VSoM heavily on other’s blogs so that when you returned from your over-bragged about ski trip you would find all of these people talking bad about you. (Revenge for the dog food you threw at me while trying out for cheerleading and the hour I spent in a locker after you and your buddies shut the door on me). But I couldn’t do it!

And don’t kid yourself; you are a great writer, ugly couches, but great humorous writer that I am glad to be blogging with! 

Posted by Rebecca

Cameron... Let the funny out. 'Cause you're hilarious. 

Posted by Kaycee

I swear to you, if I am on the list of "your life as bad as this poor suckers" blogs, then really... that would be okay. Because, you know, it's true.

But I digress.

I'm glad you blog Cam. I'm also glad you're gonna buy me dinner. And we ARE NOT going to Artic Circle. Seriously. That ain't right. 

Posted by Sarah Marinara

I consider my self pretty well-informed, and I live in the snow-ski-capital-of-the-world (or the western states, whatever): where is Grand Targhee? Are you one of those that leaves the country for a weekend ski trip? Your answer is going to make me feel dumb, isn't it? 

Posted by Jess

It seems I end up skiing every 10 years...probably because I dont live anywhere close to a mountain and never really have. Its been about 10 years now...guess its time to plan a trip.

Great post! 

Posted by EJ

While EJ skis every ten years, I haven't been skiing since I was 10 years of age. Interesting.

Cam...I love that you blog. I love that you have "ugly" "gay" couches. I love that I am not the only one who doesn't know where you're headed to ski.

Of course, the "other" person who doesn't know is my sister. Maybe we come from a DUMB, Mormon family. 

Posted by JP

JP: Hello, I'm rubber, you're glue... 

Posted by Jess

JP: Hello, I'm rubber, you're glue... 

Posted by Jess

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY! Cam told you NOT to post TWICE!!! You totally disobeyed orders!

I'm telling Mom... 

Posted by JP

JP: he meant same comment twice on accident, did you read my comment yesterday? Obviously not, you wart-hog-face baboon. 

Posted by Jess

Uhm, Jess- that's exactly what you did. You posted the I'm rubber comment twice in a row. 

Posted by Mike

Hey, er, um, I don't want to make anybody mad, but I think you guys are hilarious. We've linked to you at BCC (link name: Exit, Stage Left) and would love it if you would link back to us.

p.s. Taht blog was TOTALLY written on the toilet! 

Posted by Steve Evans

Ahh...Grand Targhee... site of my first skiing experience eva. Spent the day on my face on the bunny hill, and then was convinced to try a purple horseshoe or blue diamond or whatever it is by my skiing-since-birth-Idahoian roommate. They actually had to hold the ski part open an extra 15 minutes after the last skier came down so that I could finish sliding down the mountain on my butt. Have fun. 

Posted by Carrie Ann

We will gladly link back to you. Thank you Steve Evans! 

Posted by Rebecca

p.s. normally, I spell check. "taht post"?? Shee-ite.

Rebecca, it sounds like you blog for its social interconnectedness. That's interesting to me since that's mostly why I do it, too. It's participatory, and voyeuristic, and a lot of other things at the same time. 

Posted by Steve Evans

Funny you should mention this Steve. I just went through your entire family photo's over at T&S. I checked out Kaimi as well... Does this scare you two?  

Posted by Rebecca

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