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Thursday, February 24, 2005 

My Not So Secret Crush on Lance Armstrong

My brother in-law works for Nike. So not wearing a LIVESTRONG bracelet was out of the question. I didn’t mind. I thought Lance was cool. I thought his intentions and foundation were honorable but I really didn’t know his story in its entirety. One day I even made the mistake of saying (in front of said brother in-law): “He’s such a cool guy…it’s too bad he dumped his wife and kids for Sheryl Crowe.” That didn’t go over so well. “HE DID NOT LEAVE HER…SHE LEFT HIM.”

Dude, my bad.

“It’s Not About the Bike” is not a fantastically written book. For this, Sarah and I agree. However, I was able to look past all that and see the story inside the book. It’s about a man who beat unbeatable odds and then told his story. I don’t think his story is any more (or less) remarkable than that of another cancer survivor, but it is remarkable. Each person who faces the evil that is cancer is a hero in my eyes. Each one has an amazing story to tell. Isn’t it okay that Lance has his story too? Yes, he had/has more resources than most people, but I don’t think less of him because of that.

One aspect of this book that I loved learning more about was Lance’s Mom, Linda. She rocks. I have a lot of respect for single mothers that rise above…and she surely did. In the book Lance talks about his mom always teaching him to make every obstacle an opportunity. I took this to heart because that is not something I am good at. The two of them, mother and son, worked hard for everything they had. Linda Armstrong wanted the very best for her son and tried to always make that happen for him. No, of course they weren’t perfect. But I admire the two of them for moving past the obstacles given to them in their life and making each on an opportunity.

Warning: Here comes the shallow part:

The more I learned about him, the more it caused me to have a bit of a crush on Lance Armstrong. Sure, it’s not like my LOVE for Johnny Depp…but it’s a crush. He’s not a “conventional” stud like Brad Pitt (and Johnny Depp) but there is something mildly dreamy about him. I’m not quite sure what it is. Maybe it’s because he’s an athlete. Maybe it’s his eyes. Maybe yellow just really is his color.

But maybe it’s because I have a wish that someday I’ll have the resources to start a foundation for a cause near to my heart. I admire him for the work he does and the money that is raised through LIVESTRONG for cancer research and awareness. I admire him for never giving up…which would’ve been so easy to do. I admire him for admitting that cancer humbled him and it taught him so much. I admire the hope that he gives to so many through his foundation and from his story.

It is because of that admiration and the fact that (I think) Sheryl Crow is so cool, that I’m willing to step aside and let them be happy. That’s just the kind of person I am.

SO....Why did his wife and kids leave him?

You'd have to talk to her...but the story goes that she publically brought up how he was never home and really started in on him.

I say...you knew who he was when you married him...now you want him to change??

Like I said...you'd have to ask her

Hmm... I don't know if "the story goes" conviences me that she left him.

Thanks JP for taking the title that I was going to use tomorrow! I will have to find something else. I love when people speculate on why celeberties separate, A: Like its anyones business, and #2, you never know the whole story!
I admire the man in so many ways. TO come from nothing to being on top, for being such a role model to so many cancer patients. And as a cyclist, I think its hard for people who do not cycle to fully understand what he has accomplished.
JP you are going to have to fight me for him.

Rebecca...this is true...but I've consulted "very reliable sources" on the matter...they agree with me. heehee

Cam? Bring it on, Nancy... ;)

I personally think that the fact that "his wife left him" is merely a technicality....I love that you have the inside scoop!

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