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Friday, February 25, 2005 

Turn off your computers and get outside

Today my post will be short. Because I am getting annoyed with the amount of time that I am spending on the computer, and the internet. So my words on the book are this. I don’t care if it is well written; I really doubt that Lance would critique anyone on how bad they are at riding bike, so I am not going to judge his writing skills.
I am going to say this to the 8 people that have emailed me with their dislike of the book, I am sorry you just did not get it. I am sorry that other things got in your way of understanding the point of the book. You have missed something that I know thousands and thousands of cyclists, cancer patients, and general people have seen. Like JP said, its not a story more miraculous then other miraculous stories. It’s just another way of telling people they can make. No matter what the circumstance, you can go on. There is hope. But you have to have the attitude, maybe not the cocky attitude that Lance has, but you need a positive attitude. And if you are not in a situation that requires you to sink or swim, then you need to help those that are in that situation.
My reason for having picked this book was because the first time I read it, I put it down, and I can honestly say that was the day I stopped a lot of the whining I had been doing in my life. I stopped complaining about some physical discomfort I feel from my medical problems, I stopped complaining about the misfortunes that have been in my life. I realized something I had not thought about since living in Brazil. There is ALWAYS someone worse off then you. Since I read this book, and now reread it, I have confirmed in my mind the importance of being happy. I hope as people have read my personal blog, and have read my rantings here they have picked up on the fact that I want people to be happy. I want them to look above their problems; I want them to help others, and to make this world a better place. I had a room mate once that could never get a second date with a girl. I doubled with him once and when I got home one of my other roommates asked if I saw what the problem was. I said yes. He spent his whole time telling the girl how bad of luck he had in life. How he could never get a second date, how miserable he was in life. Why would any girl in her right mind want a second date with a self deprecating guy? Why would anyone want to be friends with someone who has this as their attitude? Smile once in awhile, and don’t just do it to mask your pain, put your pain behind you,
I am sorry that so many people missed the point of this book. I feel bad that people did not want to hear a story about a kid who had nothing but a mother that loved him more then anything and a awesome attitude. A story about a guy who came from nothing and made everything of himself. I for one loved it. I felt better about myself, and I have made major changes in my life because of Lance’s words, and his attitude.
Love ya, and please do me a favor, turn off your computers for a few hours this weekend (except to read Carrie Anns) and get outside and go for a walk, or a bike ride, life is too beautiful to sit behind a computer all the time. I know I will.

* PS while I am on my high horse, my I suggest a general boycott of the Oscars? How about not honoring someone who is paid 15 million dollars to do a movie? How about honoring all of the Kaycees’ out there, teaching the kids. How about the single mothers working 2-3 jobs to support there family because they got tied in with a dead beat? I think it absolutely ridiculous that we give these people such honor and glory, when they really do nothing more then a job. Plus come on lets face it 90% of the movies out there are pure filth, that the world would be better off if they were never made.

PPS For those of you in Utah, Dillard’s is having an awesome sale, highly recommend it. I got $350 worth of clothes for $42

I know that your comments are not directed at me personally (via your very kind prefaced email)… I don’t feel attacked in any way, but I still do want to respond to your post. I don’t believe I missed the point of the book. I believe it is possible to get the point and still not like it. In fact there are plenty of books I have read that have great lessons to be learned, offer great meaning and I still have not liked them, not just this one. I am in no way saying that my opinion trumps yours (at least not in this instance). But I am saying that my opinion doesn’t mean I missed the point.

AND I know that last comment about the sale and the money you saved WAS directed at me personally!!

Turn off the computer and have a great day Cameron.

I like your passion in wanting everyone to see the happiness in their lives. Doesn't it discourage you when you meet those that just don't/can't GET it?


Becca: Once again you have missed the point, DILLARDS 50% off the already 60% marked down price!!

Sandy: What really gets me is those (Becca) Who won't get it.

Why didn't I get an email telling me your post wasn't directed at me personally because I feel ATTACKED!

Just kidding... it's just... you never email me anymore... and that makes me cry.

I have to agree with Rebecca on this one. I got the point, really, I did. I just didn't care for the book. I don't think you're a bad person for liking it, just as I hope you don't think I'm a bad person for disliking it. I am happy, I attempt to be possitive, but this book just didn't do a dang thing for me. I'm sure you'll feel the same way about the books I chose.

As for turning off the computer... I have a 6 year old for the weekend. I highly doubt I will have the chance to get anywhere NEAR a computer.

And Dillard's... DUDE! I'm totally jealous.

Seriously...I am laughing out loud, alone here... Good for you for liking what you like and not apologizing, that's why we love you! I think it is AWESOME that the book inspired you to make some changes in your life. And I LOVE that you ended with a plug for a great sale at Dillards...Guess where I'm going right now?

I know this is off topic but....Sarah, I can't leave a comment at your site! :(

Annon... I'm sorry... I can't get to my site to see what's the matter because my work computer thinks it's p*rn! Please feel free to email me... sarahmarinara@gmail.com.


Damn it Anonymous this is about me!! Not Sarahs site!!!!

CA: I just went again to the Dillards sale, and got some kick A Timberlands, and a cool shirt. When I went to pay the girl (who was amazingly cute, and wearing a wedding ring) was flirting with me, more then I have ever been flirted with in my life, I am a little confused right now. If you go to the 106th south one, find the hot blond with curly hair and ask her whats up.

Cameron... I'm gonna have to ask you not to cuss at my fan. (She's all I got dang it!)

I WILL cut you if you don't simmer down.


Cam - I know this is SO not the forum, but I went to the one here in Provo and totally got hooked up, I would have spent SO much more than $45 if I actually had a job, but no one flirted with me.

Umm... The bags and shoes at Anne Taylor are all 20% off right now.

And this really cute jacket I want at Banana just got marked down to $105 today.

And the earrings I recently bought at Jest Jewels went on sale so I am going to go get a price adjustment Monday.

I just really want to feel part of the whole shopping thing and I don't have a dillards.

I went to ***HARWIN*** in Houston a few days ago with Mo, so if you REALLY want to hear about some fun shopping... New red "crocodile" purse just $15.99 (Best price in Houston!" said the nice Vietnamese man, not willing to haggle on the price.) Austrian crystal bracelets (in 3 different colors) and matching necklace and earrings. Gorgeous starburst green broach. We got it because we knew Carrie Ann would insist. I could go on...

Oh, and I enjoyed reading "It's Not About the Bike" (even though I think it really WAS about the bike). Good message, inspiring survival story, not incredibly well written, but I can overlook that. I doubt Lance actually wrote it himself...he's too busy on the bike. I saw him on Oprah a couple weeks ago. He even brought Cheryl Crow with him. I think it is just great that he's been able to raise so much $ and awareness for cancer research. It'll probably benefit all of us in one way or another some day.

Cameron, I heart you...really I do.

And does it help that I TOTALLY got the point of the book? The first time I read it (well...the first half) I put it down and really tried to put everything in perspective and not to feel sorry for myself.

Excellent book choice...wonderful post. Thanks for making us all read it...I'm so glad that I did.

P.S. I think I finally realize why Sarah and co. think he's so arrogant...he's from TEXAS. After talking to my Uncle (who's from Texas) it just all made sense...Sarah...NEVER move to Texas.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

JP... I PROMISE I will NEVER move to Texas... um... unless he's REALLY cute. ;-)

Cameron, I like your style. It was like you were in the most respectful way possible telling everyone who didn't like your book choice to go suck it! Very amusing. I haven't read the book, just had to comment that I enjoyed your post. You remind me very much of one of my brothers.

This is one of my favorite blogs to read-- always amusing.

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