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Friday, March 04, 2005 

Apples in a bag!!

Why we are self conscious? I do not know. It could come from genetics, upbringing, traumatic events in our life, or just general programming our entire lives by TV, movies and all other media. I have thought a lot about this topic, it’s a far better topic then marriage! I have had some reoccurring thoughts come to my head. Some of you may agree with me, some may not; these are just thoughts, not my opinions.
I would like to discuss very briefly two of these thoughts.
The first is the relation between self image, self esteem and self confidence. I see self image and esteem as the same thing. I believe it has a direct influence on someone being self conscious. I do not think that self confidence has as much an influence on people being self conscious. Self Esteem and Confidence are two things I thing about a lot as I get older. I see the youth day doing very brazen things, they seem to be brimming with confidence, but then you look at them on an interpersonal level, it’s sad to see how little respect they have for themselves. Take Paris Hilton, very confident, but how much worth do you really think she puts to herself. Its great to have confidence, it makes you feel good, and makes you a little less conscious about things. But too many people sell their own personal worth and dignity away to look good in the eyes of the “world”.

I am not sure why we are self conscious, but I really do believe that people need to but a little more understanding to their own personal value. Like the old scripture says: “The worth of a soul is great in the sight of God”. If people believed more in themselves, and less in what the media portray as the great people of this world, I really feel that there would be less self consciousness and more happy people in the world.
The second thought I had and I may be completely in left field but I started getting the feeling throughout the week that the females seemed to worry more about self consciousness then the guys do. I am not saying guys do not worry about it, remember me and the man boobs? I did notice a trend that the ladies seemed to worry more. I find it interesting too that a lot of the things they were mentioning were things that really have no eternal importance, but have been programmed into our thinking, clothing, life styles, weight, man boobs, (Damn Seinfeld) and so on. One thing that I really became aware of this week was a small duty that I have as a male. With all the strides that have been made for women’s lib, and all the independence they have fought for, I was reminded that beyond those strides, I have the role of making sure that the females in my life understand their importance as females. To make sure they all feel special, and that they fully understand their self worth, not as the world sees them, or how the world tells us they have to be to be successful, but as they are. (And I am not just saying that to get dates)

Love you all, and I will talk to you all next week after I am an official homeowner!!
Have a great weekend.

Maybe someday I will explain the title I gave this blog. (email me and I will tell you)

Wow Cameron. That is a great deal of responsibility you plan to take on - and I am not talking about the condo you are purcahsing.
I am impressed.

Congratulations on becoming a homeowner. Very exciting news.

Cameron, I love you! You say things I thought I would never hear a man say in my lifetime...now, explain to me again why you are single?


PS Congrats on the house, but don't change your sofas!

Because I am not a home owner, girls only want a guy with a home, its a sign of fertility to girls

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Yeah, I tend to agree that guys don't worry about most of the stuff girls do (except for chest size). You're lucky to an extent, but for me, I LOVE being a girl, including the ridiculous baggage that comes with it (if only I had MATCHING baggage!!!). Man, what would I worry about if I didn't worry about myself :)

Congrats on the home...don't go do somthing stupid and buy a dog...

Yeah Cameron... don't buy a dog. I have one you can have for free. She's really cute (and goat-like in her ability to eat EVERYTHING).

Why you gotta rip on Paris Hilton???

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