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Monday, March 28, 2005 

A Day of Rest

This is an interesting topic to land on Easter. Today I met up with my closest girlfriends for a very nice Sunday Easter brunch which we combined with a 30th birthday celebration. Parking was worse then usual because it was Easter Sunday and people were lining up for church, something that the majority of these individuals don’t do each Sunday, but instead something these families do as an Easter tradition. I observed a lot of other peoples traditions today. More people then usual were dressed up and almost every lady was wearing an Easter hat... it was like the Kentucky Derby along Union Street this afternoon. The street was closed down for pony rides and a parade with clowns and Easter bunny’s and an Easter Bonnet contest. We even saw cows on roller skates... quite a day.

When I was little girl my parents made us all Easter baskets, my sister and I always had a new dress for church and we always ended the day with a ham dinner. But now it is just me and what is tradition if you don’t have anyone to share it with?

My family had many traditions as I was growing up, but as we got older many of our traditions changed, or died away. For example, when I was a little girl my mom made all of us children Christmas PJ’s. Every Christmas Eve we each were able to open one present and each year this one present was our Christmas Eve pajamas. We would put on our pajamas, my parents would take a picture of us in our home made pj’s in front of the tree and then off to be bed all four of us went. Now that we are all grown and everyone but me has children of their own the Christmas eve present has changed from pj’s to cook books for the adults and children’s book for the grandchildren. I am glad that my parents recognize the importance of adjusting family traditions to meet the changes of the family unit.

But what family traditions will I carry on? I don’t really know. I imagine that I won’t carry on any if I don’t have a family to share them with. But if I do become a wife or a mother I know that I will carry on my families tradition of Sunday being a day of rest. I have often wondered how I would raise my children to understand the importance of family without raising them in the Mormon Church. Years and years ago I decided that Sunday would be my family day just as it was while I was growing up. I’ll spend Sundays with my family having picnics and bike rides and brunches and hiking and reading together and enjoying in one another’s company and building our relationship as a family, as a single unit. I will make sure that Sunday is a family day, one we spend together resting, not working.

I don’t know if my family now would consider Sunday’s a tradition, but I do. Almost every Sunday my parents cook Sunday dinner for all of their children and grandchildren within driving distance. I love coming home to visit and knowing that come Sunday my whole family will be sitting at my parents table sharing stories, gossip, telling jokes and just enjoying being with one another. I want to make sure that what ever traditions I carry on in my own family they will create the kind of bond that my parents created with us, the kind of a bond where even as adults we long to all be together come Sunday.

Once again I must mention how similar our families are. My mom used to make PJs for Christmas and were allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve...THE PJs!!! Too, too funny. Must be a "Jan" thing... ;)


I wonder if we really did share parents. Maybe we should exchange pictures JP.

I love that you want to keep Sunday a traditional day of rest and family time. That meant a lot to me as I was younger, too. I wish EVERYONE could have a rest on Sunday.

Carrie Ann

What's up with the Comments functions these days?

My mom did PJ's too!!! I loved it!

We also did Sunday as a day of rest and now that I have a daughter we have Sunday Funday. We always find something fun to do...and time permitting the two of us take a nap together, thats my FAV!! The other tradition I have upheld even with just Mary and me is dinner at the dinner table together. I plan to hold on to that as long as I can. I remember dinner every night with my whole family and that got me through the good and the bad times.

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