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Monday, March 07, 2005 

Doctrine & Covenants: section eighty-nine

"Today on the bus ride home a very well dressed older gentleman sat down next to me. He smelled very strongly of the tobacco Grandpa Allen used to smoke. I don’t even know which tobacco that was, but the entire time I sat next to him I tried to breath in as much of him as possible. The smell flooded me with visions of Grandpa, not memories, just pictures of him on the back porch near the bookcase, next to the swing, rolling his cigarettes. It was nice sitting next to this man."
-- April 13, 2004 from the private journals of Rebecca

"Not always, but some days, like today, the smell of brewing coffee takes me back to being a five year old and staying at Grandma and Grandpa Allen’s house in Herlong with my cousin Kimmie. I picture my Grandmother sitting in her flowered print chair, either doing a crossword puzzle or knitting and my Grandpa brewing her coffee. It is just an imagine, not really a memory or a story, but a picture I have of my Grandmother in my head."
-- December 16, 2003 from the private journals of Rebecca

"While we were trying to get on the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge today a women cut us off. I turned to look at her and noticed that she was smoking her cigarette with a cigarette holder. My Grandmother used a cigarette holder when she smoked. I have always thought my Grandmother was very elegant, very Audrey Hepburn-ish."
-- February 2005 from notes on a napkin shoved in the private journals of Rebecca

I miss my Grandparents. Of course I only knew them while I was young but the memories and images I have of them are all wonderful. I will always remember them as very beautiful people.

In loving memory of Clarence and Julia Allen.

**And as a side note Congratulations to Lisa for being written up in one of those tiny little papers… THE NEW YORK TIMES

I loved the photos of your grandparents (and your grandma's purse is AWESOME...), and it's so interesting how smells trigger memories so strongly...

...but I want to hear how the WoW had affected Rebecca's life...you have seen "both sides of the coin" so to speak and I am really interested in your perspective...

Thanks Carrie Ann. I did choose to do this week’s topic differently then normal. But if the question is How Has The Word of Wisdom Affected My Life? then the answer fits…

Although I can understand readers wanting something different, but really what can I provide… the Word of Wisdom says that you shouldn’t drink coffee and alcohol, yet I do, but I am also not practicing the teachings of the LDS Church (see introductory post). I am not going to say that the church is wrong when I don’t think that they are and I am not going to say that I am wrong when I don’t think I am. LDS members make a commitment to God and honor it. I think that is wonderful even though I don’t practice and I don’t live by the Word of Wisdom. So what are my options when it comes to writing this piece? Convince a group of people that they should drink when I don’t think they should, or explain that I do and be told all the reasons why I shouldn’t when I am already aware of those opinions.

I guess I preferred my answer to any of my other options.

Although, per my request my dad did send me some wonderful literature on the WoW and I did read it all, it just didn’t influence my post.

One of my most favourite smells is pipe tobacco. My late grandpa smoked a pipe. Whenever I smell it, it brings back many memories.

Great post Rebecca. Whoever helped you with those pictures must be really cool.

On a more serious note: I think it is interesting that smells of coffee and tobacco trigger memories of Grandma and Grandpa. I think it makes sense that they would, but they don't trigger that in me. I don't know that it means anything but it is interesting.

I think of Grandpa whenever someone says, "Do you go by Chris or Christian?" and I think of Grandma whenever I hear that someone has cancer or whenever I think about what it means to be a gentleman (she spent a lot of time telling me how to treat the girls I dated).

I loved the post -- no matter what Carrie Ann says :).

Thanks Kim… we clearly share something wonderful with the smell of tobacco.

Thank you Christian for helping me post my pictures and mom for searching through piles of pictures and then emailing me the ones that you felt fit my description. It was a fun project to work on together.

Christian, I also think of Grandma whenever I hear the word cancer or read about it. And dating with grandma living in the house… that was a task!! I couldn’t even leave the house to go to school in the morning unless I had a skirt on or pants that zipped on the side (I actually snuck out most days of the week). It is interesting how people change as they grow ill and it is interesting the things we remember about them.

Thanks again for all of the help Christian.

Nicely done! Tobacco gets such a bad rap. Far from being anti-social or filthy, smoking has been a tradition in western society for more than 400 years. It symbolizes leisure, relaxation, fortitude, success, amorousness, nonchalance, and (more recently) defiance. Americans have been naturally inclined to think that smoking is glamorous quite simply because it is glamorous. Shakespeare’s contemporaries wrote poems about it. Sir Walter Raleigh smoked. Errol Flynn smoked. Clark Gable smoked. Spencer Tracy smoked. John Wayne smoked. James Dean smoked. Gary Cooper smoked. Steve McQueen smoked. Franklin Roosevelt smoked. Ronald Reagan did a cigarette ad for Chesterfield. Who can picture Frank Sinatra or Humphrey Bogart without a cigarette? Harrison Ford smokes in “American Graffiti.” Paul Newman smokes in “Cool Hand Luke.” Clint Eastwood smokes in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Bruce Willis smokes in “Die Hard.” Mel Gibson smokes in “Lethal Weapon.” James Bond smoked in the original movies and novels. Even James Stewart smokes in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Whether you smoke or not, how can it tobacco not be one of your favorite vegetables?

The ghost of Arturo speaks!

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