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Friday, March 25, 2005 

Go Jazz!!

Well this is going to have to be short this week. I intended to write this last night but I ended up with Jazz tickets and it had been about 10 days since my last Jazz=Hell night so I decided to go up, of course they lost. Of the dozen or so games I have been to this year I think they have only won once when I am there, I am a curse to the Jazz.

Now as to the book, I really think I would rather talk about the Jazz and their 9 game losing streak. 1000 Pages come on ladies; I can barely make it through a Laffy Taffy Joke. I would be lying if I said I read all 1000. There were parts as Becca said that drug on, and on, and on.

I would like to focus on a little something from everyone’s posts this week. From Becca’s blog I would like to mention the bird, I mean the second part issue, completely agree, that’s where pages started getting skipped.

Sarahs writings were a little too personal for me to be able to say I agree or disagree. I can say that what she said about loving some one in spite of everything is an important message, also I agree with her about the recommendation, I am not giving this my “Cameron’s Seal of Approval” (You would be surprised how many people rely on my seal of approval.)

From Kaycee I had similar thoughts about how Mailer could have obtained so much information and could “talk about people’s motivations, secret desires ….” The only thought that kept coming to my head in answer to this was the book Jay’s Journal. If you are not familiar with it, do not become familiar with it. It’s a based on a true story. I have met some of the family, and heard the real story, and the load of lies that were told has ruined the family. It was a number one for 30 weeks or something like that. So apparently it was well written and was indicated that it was the “truth”, but I know there was a lot of it made up for the sake of the story. That’s what I kept wondering if Mailer had done. If he had taken the liberty to “fill in the blanks”

I think I agree most with JP. I only wanted to be done with the book, and I kept thinking how glad I was that I had not bought the book for my personal collection.
There is too much negativity in the world, too much anger, and hatred, the Beatles really had it right, “All you need is love”, but not the kind Gary expressed. The word selfish was mentioned a couple of times, and that’s what I kept thinking. Gary may have been clinically messed up in the head, but he really was selfish and evil. Having grown up in Provo I have heard the stories, never in such vivid detail though. I can honestly say I wish I had not heard them so vividly now.

So to anyone who read it, I say smile and remember that there is a lot of good in the world! And have a great weekend!

PS Pardon the spelling I am in a rush today and have not had time to proof-read this, or even send it to my editor.

Cameron, you bring up a really good point that Kaycee also touched on. How much of this is true?

When it comes to "crime" stories, people want to get into the mind of the criminal to understand the why's and how's. But I agree that in doing so, unless written from a first person experience, there will be fabrications and a whole lot of "filling in the blanks" just to make sense of it all.

I also have an acquiantance who did some horrible things in her youth, totally repented, joined the church, has lived the MOST upstanding and outstanding life, only to have an "investigating reporter" dig up her story as an "expose".

Someone decided to make a movie about it, and they filled in A LOT of blanks with really sick ideas that has made this incredible woman's life a repeating hell.

She lives on with dignity, but in a self-created solitude of sorts. She is punished over and over again by strangers, the media, and even by well-meaning people like me who clamor for the details to understand "why".

I wonder if by reading "The Executioner's Song" I have contributed to such a persecution of the innocent?

WOW. CA and Cam...what an amazing point you two bring up. One that I didn't even think about (on account that I was caught up with the icky.) and what if it's Norman Mailer who is the CRAZY?!

By the way, I love it when Cam agrees with me most. I just do.

JP you are the Ying to my raging Yang, so I love agreeing with you.

Dude, I am totally down with being your Ying...we are just too cool for school.

And also...Have a good weekend dearest VSofM-ers and readers!!

Happy Easter!

My comment about the book is this: When I found out what it was about I couldn't even pick it up. Add me to the growing list of sensitive people who internalize too much to the point of paralyzation. Is this a medical/mental condition, or is this type of information (TOO much information!) of the icky and immoral brand just plain unhealthy for the soul? I tend to think the latter.

Cam... you make me smile. And after reading Executioner's song... I needed a smile.

I have read THREE books in the week since I stopped reading Executioner's Song just so I could cleanse my literary pallett. Oy.

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