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Thursday, March 10, 2005 

High School...or Something Like It

It’s a funny thing, high school. When you look back on all of your experiences and friends and lessons learned, you start to realize how those four years shaped your life. The more you think about how those four years shaped your life, the more you start to think about how you even got there in the first place.

I can’t think about my high school experience without thinking about Jaimee and Sarah and our survival stories. Now, we had many other friends at our school besides the three of us (a big shout-out Kaycee, Erin, and My Hubby and all you other poor saps that had to go to THAT school!) but the three of us guided each other through high school. The three of us stuck together for whatever the world threw our way.

The three of us girls were also known as the Mormon Girls. (We may have been known as the Wacky Mormon Girls – who knows.) Everyone seemed to know our standards which pretty much meant (to them) that we didn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. In a medium sized school not exactly known for many Mormon kids, once you were labeled – it stuck.

And I really don’t think that the three of us would’ve had it any other way.

Not once in all four years did I ever get invited to any of those “typical” high school parties. Not even once. And not once in those same four years did I ever care. I had my peeps…my gals…my bosom buddies and we had THE BEST of times and the most FUN any sober, non-smoking, non-drug-users could ever have. We always had fun! EVERYONE thought we were so much fun, even if we were a little “square” in their book. We always had such a good time without any added substances. Well, unless your definition of substance includes gummy worms, Reece’s Pieces or…or…SODA! But it was almost like all those other kids were envious of what we had…but they just couldn’t figure it out. HOW ON EARTH COULD THOSE GIRLS POSSIBLY HAVE SO MUCH FUN WITHOUT BEING TOTALLY WASTED??!!

We just did, people...we just did. And they even let the three of us graduate…together…totally sober.

I wasn't very cool in high school AND I was LDS, so I was not invited to a single party where there was drinking or anything anti-Word of Wisdom involved. I was always a bit bummed b/c I wanted to be able to go and test out the "skills" that had been drilled into me in YW and whatnot: just say "no", etc, etc. Don't worry, though - the LDS kids I hung out with on the weekends knew how to have a good time. Church dances ROCK!

What a different high school experience I had.

EVERYONE I knew was Mormon, from High school to College... Provo High to BYU - ALL MORMON (oh wait; I had a Sikh friend at BYU).

I remember a group of my friends arriving at a Multi-stake New Years church dance when I was 16. They were all plastered off Everclear… I had no idea what Everclear was. I just remember my girlfriend smelled horrible, couldn’t barely stand and then threw-up right in front of the bathroom at the BYU Wilkinson Center AND not one leader noticed until after they were long gone.

I didn’t go to a lot of parties mostly because my parents were strict and I was a real hellion so they kept me under close surveillance, but I do remember alcohol being at almost every single one I did attend (all Mormon friends). Still I waited until I was of a legal age to partake of the forbidden fruit.

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