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Thursday, March 17, 2005 

My Very Lame Dating Story

I'm sorry for the VERY late post. I put WAY to much faith in Blogger and then have been at an appointment all day. My bad...so sorry.

I’m almost appalled that I don’t have a good Mormon dating story. I kind of feel like a dork to actually admit this, but I really never was asked out a whole lot. My family had the same rules as most Mormon families…absolutely NO dating until you were 16. But I didn’t do a whole lot of “dating” once I reached that magical dating age. A few months before I turned 16, I started…liking(?) a guy in my ward…and he “liked” me back…(okay, yes…I had a boyfriend.) but then he moved away at the end of that year and it was back to square one. I mean, my friends and I did a lot of group things, but it certainly wasn’t a “group date.” A friend’s boyfriend once told her that guys were intimidated by us and therefore were afraid to ask us out. But that just made me feel like I went to church with a bunch of Woosie-Boy Jerks that needed to grow cahonas. But maybe that’s a story for a different time.

But to prove that I actually went on ONE date (besides those times I had a semi-serious boyfriend…and then the serious boyfriend I ended up MARRYING) I will recount the one time Jaimee, Regan and I took matters into our own hands and planned a really fun triple date and invited some guys in our ward. We didn’t ask these guys because we were “in like” with them. We asked them because they were cool guys and thought we’d have fun. It was also the first “group date” for Regan, as she was new to the church and we wanted her to have fun. So, we had the crazy idea that we would plan a Sunrise Date. We forced those guys to wake up BEFORE the crack of dawn and we drove out to Folsom Lake to watch the Sunrise and have breakfast. Okay, so we ran a bit late and got to the lake AS the sun was coming up. But it was the thought that counts. And even though these guys weren’t the Dream Boats we all imagined ourselves with…we had a REALLY GOOD TIME. We were just six FRIENDS hanging out (and an insane hour in the morning) having FUN.

I have to say that I hope my daughters have more fun dating that I did. I hope that I can help, in some way, to just go out and HAVE FUN. All the focus on FUN. Well, and that’s to balance the fact that even thought they are only seven and two, my husband already has his rules completely planned out. I don’t mind telling you that his rules include a full on interview with any boy that wants to date our daughters.

Maybe I don’t have to worry about them dating after all.

I never heard this story... but what a cool idea!

Not so lame...and hey I married my high school boyfriend. So, sometimes it just works/

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