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Friday, March 11, 2005 

Run and Not Be Weary!

How has the Word of Wisdom affected your life?

This is a very easy topic to talk about. How has the Word of Wisdom affected my life? It has kept me clean and happy. It has made my life go by pretty easy. Barring a few health issues, I can say that my life has been blessed by abstaining from those things that clearly do damage to the physical body, (except cheeseburgers)

I love waking up in the morning and not being dependent on a drink to get me going. I love not having to drink alcohol to enjoy myself at a party. The freedom afforded me for living the Word of Wisdom is invaluable. I can recall several instances in my life when I have had my commitment to living this law of health reaffirmed. I would like to share a few of those with you know.

I grew up as a competitive swimmer. From the time I was a little kid I was in the pool. By the time I was in 6th grade I was practicing from 5-7 in the morning and 4-6 in the afternoon. Our Saturdays were spent in city swimming pools around Utah. Swimming is not a huge sport in Utah, so you get to know all the kids, especially if they are some of the top swimmers. There was one swimmer I can remember that I used to look up to. We will call him Tom. Tom was well on his way to the Olympics. He was always a National Level contender, and basically dominated the local swimming scene. Tom was killed because he decided to get stoned while rock climbing and fell of a ledge they were working off of. He never made it to Olympics; he never was known as one of the great American swimmers, (which he could have been).

I have an acquaintance that drinks, a lot. He took the life of a child because he was driving drunk. Luckily the family was a very Christian family, and they easily forgave him. He did his time, and now he has to live with the fact that there is a family who never got to know the full joys of that child because he was taken so early.

My friend “Amy” was the smartest girl I know, or I should say knew. I was always baffled by listening to her because of the level of intelligence she had. She pretty much just skis these days because she can not get a real job because she fried her brain during her college years. Its annoying talking to her these days because the genius she was is gone, and now she is just a blank stare who works in a restaurant as a waitress.

I could go on and on about people I know who have screwed up their lives because they choose to have “fun” in this life and let themselves become enslaved to a substance. I am sure everyone out there could share similar experiences. I can think of no good that comes from disobeying the law of health that the Lord set worth called the Word of Wisdom.

As for me living the Word of Wisdom, I can say that I have been able to accomplish a lot in my life because I have kept this simple commandment. I have never had a drink, I have never smoked, I have never taken drugs. I love being active in life, I love being able to compete in Triathlons.

When I come staggering across the finish line and people I do not even know are yelling and cheering me on I get a better rush then any drug could ever provide. It’s great knowing that I set a goal to do a certain triathlon, trained to the best of my ability and then I finished. I have never won a triathlon, I took third in my division once, (there was four of us), but I do not care, it’s the fact that I am outside enjoying myself, and accomplishing something that I spent a lot of time training for.

Would the world be a better place without drugs and alcohol? I think it would be. Would the world be happier? After that first month of headaches because you did not get your coffee, yes, people would be much happier.
Be good, and keep this simple commandment!!!

Well I am off to Moab for the Half Marathon (No I am not running it, just watching this time) I hope everyone has as great a weekend as I am planning on having! Love ya all!

Cameron I you look so much like your parents in this picture… pretty nice shot… who took it.

Enjoy Moab.

I keep the Word of Wisdom, and I'm happy about the practical benefits. But your post smacks of the kind of glib moralizing that I so often see among vegetarians who thump their chest about the advantages of their lifestyles.

Most dietary choices involve health risks. Moreover, nobody stops at nothing to avoid incurring these risks. What purpose does it serve to gloat because we Mormons stop incurring a few health risks a little sooner than some other people?

And People get headaches for a month from stopping coffee? First, they don't. Second, that's just an argument not to stop drinking coffee.

Is that picture of you?

Is that a tatoo on your arm?

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