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Thursday, March 31, 2005 

Tradition! Tradition!

I would just like to point out that I have had the song “Traditions” from Fiddler on the Roof in my head ALL WEEK LONG. I don’t mind telling you that it gets on your nerves after the second day. It is now the fourth day. My nerves are shot.

The good news is that I have so many traditions that surround my family, both immediate and extended. But as I’ve been thinking about all the traditions, I’ve realized that not all traditions are good ones. There are some vicious cycles (or traditions) that can carry through generation to generation. On my mom’s side of the family, the only tradition I could come up with is that when we’re all together, we speak ill of my grandmother. Granted, my grandmother was…was…was…a Psycho-Hose-Beast who’s choices in life caused much angst and scarring for my mom, her sisters and those that love them, but still…that’s not exactly a reputable tradition. It’s a good thing we spend so much MORE time laughing and talking and loving each other, despite the ugliness that happened in the past.

My dad’s side of the family, although not without their own share of imperfections, has much more fun traditions to discuss. For the past 35+ years, our family has shared a unique tradition that is Pomegranate Weekend. Yes, a pomegranate is a fruit…but this dear family has a tradition of each October or November spending the day (used to be weekend) seeding and juicing pomegranates to make juice and then jelly. There’s also a tradition of making homemade raviolis. We are not Italian by any stretch of the imagination…but we make ROCKIN’ Raviolis!

But what really is on my mind are my girls. What traditions do I want them to grow up with and have fond memories of? Some of those listed above are important for them to grow up with. (The bad-talking about grandma REALLY shouldn’t be passed on.) But the family trips to the ocean…a FAVORITE of our traditions; I want my girls to remember that. The way my in-laws and my family come together for Thanksgiving…the HUGE dinner we have with everyone. I want my girls to remember that. The INSANE Christmas routine we have of spending Christmas Eve with Hubby’s family (opening presents at midnight or so) and then getting up early and head to my mom and dad’s house to spend Christmas Day with them. As crazy as that is, I want my girls to cherish those times.

I guess the bottom line is that my life is constantly crazy and on the move. But I know that I don’t want Paige and Abby to remember only that. Heck, I don’t want that to stick out in my memories either. What I want us all to remember is the good stuff. I want us to all remember the traditions that make us happy. I want there to be more traditions that mean so much to us. I want the scales to be tipped…but to have the traditions and good times outweigh the stress and craziness.

Oh, and also…less talking bad about people. I want that too.

You know that all of your readers are now going to have the song stuck in their heads now too, don't you?

But on a more serious note: thank you to all of you who blog at VSoM. I've been reading for almost three months now but haven't ever left a comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts and I like your weekly themed approaches. I don't have anything to add to the discussion at hand but I have been wanting to say thanks.

Less talking bad about people, or less talking about bad people? Just wondering.

Oh, Heather P...we're in this together! The song has NOT LEFT MY HEAD! We need a new topic!

On a another note (no pun intended) I'm so glad that you enjoy VSofM...so very glad!

Jess: I'd say both...I think. Maybe?

I love Fiddler on the roof!
I could listen to that song ALL DAY LONG. If you don't believe me, I can say that one time I loaded up "Girl From Ipanema" and let it replay all day long at work, I must ahve heard that song 2500 times, and I still love it.

I was really hoping to hear some juicey stuff about Jess, but nothing!

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