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Thursday, April 14, 2005 

The Answer to the Question, who is the most famous Mormon of them all.

Back when Becca loved me and lived in Provo, and hung out with me all the time I loved pop culture. Music, fashion (more of Brent’s influence) movie stars, People Magazine, etc, etc, etc. These days I hate movie stars, I hate rock stars, I hate cry baby athletes who strike because the millions of dollars we pay them isn’t enough. I hate awards shows. I pretty much hate all pop culture these days. I know you are thinking, “well put some plaid polyester pants on Cameron and give him a golf cart and he will be officially a “old codger”. No I am just seeing things more clear these days. There has been a lot of talk about famous Mormons, and their great accomplishments before the world. But for any of you sad little campers out there that are feeling like you are not someone special I am writing to you today. I could recite the words to “Your Not Alone” and give you a warm snuggly, but I won’t, I just want to show you that you are all special……

Here’s all the reasons that I am a “Famous Mormon”

I was the first missionary to enter the area where another missionary had been shot in Brazil (and I did it at night, with my companion cowering behind me.) Of course the mission president was mad, but hey we met a great family that wanted to learn more about the Mormons.

Two times men’s winner of the Halls to Bullfrog 5K open water swim beating world famous swimmers from the college level. Of course I took second to a monster of a woman from Colorado in the overall.

I placed in the Coca-Cola Cup they held at Sundance every year. I am not sure what place but I got a trophy. The only weird thing was it looked like the trophy that all the other kids had.

I held a stick with a banana tied to the end of it with my arms straight out longer then anyone else at Provo High School.

I set the record for the most number of push ups done at Provo High. Unfortunately Travis Allen did 1 more the next period.

When I was 8 I built the biggest jump around and after going in the house and eating a banana and drinking juice (so I would have my energy levels up) I went off the jump and beat the other guys by at least 3 feet. I was held in honor for days because of that jump.

Of course I am not just a famous Mormon because of all my successes, I am famous because of some notorious incidents too.

There was the time that we all threw snowballs at a girl on her bike, I was standing in a muddy area with no snow, so I grabbed a rotten tomato and chucked it, of course hitting her in the head and of course hitting her in the eye, which nearly blinded her.

There was the Shawn M fight in 2nd grade. He still claims he won, but anyone there knows the truth.

In first grade there was the dinosaur incident, I still blame Paul for that one!

So what I am really saying is that just because someone never won a Super Bowl, or sold a million records (Donny and Marie, PS Marie was in a ward that met before my singles ward, and she is a tad chunky these days), or made the news for some great thing, you gotta remember you are all special in my eyes.

Please feel free to share all the great accomplishments you have made in your life, no matter how small. And you will see you are great Mormon too. And if you are not Mormon, that’s ok, because remember, nobody’s perfect, so feel free to post too.

Well Done (AGAIN).
I'll tell you what makes me feel like a celebrity: when I wait for my kids to be dismissed after school and they finally emerge from the brick building, and then their eyes light up when they see me.

I must admit, there's a lot of celebrity in being JP's sister. I have to give her another pat on the back for her promotion (3 months later). I'm so proud!

I believe that Mormon is the most famous Mormon ever.

Non-believers might argue that it is unclear or dubious whether Mormon in fact existed. However, I bet they would concede that Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective ever. So I think I have a pretty good case.

I must agree with Norm...Mormon himself takes the cake...

I was a runner up in the Time Magazine political cartoon contest. That's the story of my life though, honorable mention but never a "winner".

You know what they say "always a bridesmaid, never a bride"...except the time I really was a bride; I guess I felt like a winner that day, but not exactly famous.

Cameron, how could you leave off your list "I broke Becca's elbow at the Omni Dance club in Provo - (which is probably why she no longer loves me)." That makes you totally famous... location is everything!!

But really I think your post is riddled with jealousy... you so want to be Donnie Osmond, you so want to be a famous Mormon.

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