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Monday, April 11, 2005 

Church Celebrities:

I have to apologize for being late posting this week. I thought it would be a good idea to do some research and venture off to Vegas for the weekend looking for Celebrities, Church Celebrities. I made it back a little late and empty handed. I thought I could take pictures of people like Christina Agulera who’s parents met at BYU and married in the temple, or Jewel who was born in Payson to Mormon Parents, or Roseanne Barr who is really Jewish, but was raised Mormon, or maybe Jon Heder one of our most recent celebrities, or maybe one of my young girl crushes Ricky Shroder, or one of my more recent crushes James Valentine of Maroon 5 and Brandon Flowers of the killers, who explained that even though he isn’t the best example he still considers himself Mormon – But I didn’t bump into a single one of them. Shocking, isn’t it?

I guess I would have just as much luck bumping into Orson Scott Card or Steven R. Covey at a book store as I would bumping into an Osmond or Osmond like person in Vegas.

A lot of Mormon’s have made the history books. We have our bank robbing Butch Cassidy's and our forging Mark Hoffman' as well as our murdering Lafferty's.

Mormons have invented a lot of really cool things, like the television, the artificial heart and the zip drive.

When I was on the phone with my cousin after seeing Aviator he informed me that during Howard Hughes last years he would only be surrounded by Mormons. All of his staff had to be Mormon because they are the only people he trusted. Considering that Utah has one of the highest statistics for fraud I find this a bit odd.

And then of course there are all of those rumored to be Mormon (like some of the above). I remember hearing that Orvil Redinbocker was Mormon, but I think the person that told me that had their Quaker Oats (Wilford Brimley) confused with their popcorn. Or how about Steve Martin, remember when the "Steve Martin was just baptized" rumor went around?

Then we have a pile of people I didn’t even know were Mormon or famous until google let me in on their secrets. Take Glady’s Night for example - I had no idea. Or how about Tara Allred who many of you may not be familiar with, but my parents went to Penn State with her parents and the Faulconer family spent a Southern California Vacation, or first and only to Disneyland, with the Allred family. It was a lot of fun. And to google Famous Mormons and discover she is a published author, a Church Celebrity, is pretty fun stuff - she is now my FAVORITE Church Celebrity.

I think Chuck Norris might qualify for your list. I never heard the Steve Martin rumor. I was surprised by a few of those names...Ricky Schroeder? The Maroon 5 guy? Interesting, considering the video for "This Love" is soft porn.

I think I told you that missionaries in my mission visited Orville R. regularly. He was nice to them and he listened to some of the discussions but as long as I was in the zone that he lived in he never made any plans to be baptized.

um...I have no idea what I'm going to write about this week...

Also, I knew of NONE of none of those celebrities being Mormon. However I know of TONS of Jewish celebrities...thank you Adam Sandler...

A correction... Ricky Schroeder's wife is Mormon, but he is not (kind of like Larry King). A friend of mine served his mission in Mr. Silver Spoon's hometown and they invited the missionaries over for dinner frequently.

So proud of the inventing TV. Really.

So the guy that invented the tv was inspired to do it so we could all watch general conference...

And airplanes?...so the general authorities can travel around the world.

Computers and the internet?...for genealogy, of course!

Maybe this week could just be all about mormon rumors in general. So much fun!

What about Eliza Dushku who is Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? She's a non-practicing Mormon.

Remember that guy who wrote the "Torture Memo" for Pres. Bush? He's a Mormon.

Ok...I think the only one I knew of for sure was Orson Scott Card oh do I love his books!

Wow...I had no idea about Utah and fraud though, how odd.

I think the fraud is so prevalent there because people don't suspect it.

this webpage has some decent info, and most of it seems legit. i ran across it a while back.

i live in LA and we have some of howard hughes old employees in our ward, along w/ larry king's wife (he comes once in a while too), and i've seen aaron eckhart's name on the rolls, although i've never seen him come out.

oh yeah, and i used to hometeach arthur "killer" kane of the new york dolls, but he died last year of cancer.

quite an intersting place here...

Bad news. Most famous people are at best mediocre and unoriginal. What, do you really think Ashton Kutcher deserves the fame he has? Half the rock stars are mediocre and there's more than a fair share of lip syncing involve. You act like LDS famous people are somehow shockingly different because so many are mediocre.

But there are legitimate famous LDS ranging from Orson Scott Card and so forth.

BTW - Rick Schoroeder did convert to LDS and is fairly devout from what I hear. There was a famous interview with Howard Stern this year where reportedly he kept asking Schroeder about his magic underwear.

here's an article on James Valentine of Maroon 5 in the Daily Universe (4/11/05)

Why is the Steve Martin rumor SO prolific? There has to be SOME truth to it, right? Right?

No mention of author Anne Perry (a prolific writer of Victorian muder mysteries and writer for Meridian and Salon, on-line magazines...she's practically a blogger!).

And I know a girl who was in Christina's ward in Penn. growing up. She was baptized and everything. She used to sing in sacrament meeting for crying out loud...

I could so have done without knowing that "Christina" had been LDS ... I've got a sixteen year-old daughter ....

Though, having met Card, I rather liked him.

What about Sandy Petersen of Ensemble (Quake, Doom, Age of Empires, etc.) a computer game designer of note.

He's a great guy too.

A Sister RM in my ward told me they taught Ricky Shroeder and he was baptized and wouldn't do "some" love scenes afterwards.

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