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Thursday, April 14, 2005 

Did I Miss the Fireside on Mormon Celebrities???

Before I begin, I have to give a shout out to my dear Abby (my youngest daughter) on her third birthday! She doesn't read and has no clue what a blog is, but what good is it to blog and not wish your child a happy birthday or your sister HAPPY ANNIVERSARY?? I mean, really.

This week’s post is really hard to write. I have absolutely no opinion on the subject. Nothing. None. Zilch. I did find it interesting how many people Rebecca found had Mormon “background” or ties to the LDS Church. I know of Sarah’s “standards” for her reading and listening choices, but still found her post interesting (well, amusing) as she applied those requirements to Mormon authors and songwriters. I agreed with Kaycee on the fact that we should NEVER forget Steve Young when mentioning Mormon Celebrities…even if he DIDN’T marry me. Whatever.

But what else is there to write about? Who else is there? Or more importantly, do I even care to write about them, even if there were more? The words “Mormon” and “Celebrity” just kind of makes me laugh. Would I describe Janice Kapp Perry a celebrity? No…I would call her a “well-known LDS song writer”. Jack Weiland? No, again. I would call him a “well-known LDS fictional writer.” Even though they are considered “widely known” and in “the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed” I just wouldn’t describe them as CELEBRITIES. Gladys Knight, Christina Aguilera, Roseanne Barr, Ricky Schroeder are all technically celebrities who are/were associated with the LDS Church in some way. But I wouldn’t necessarily call them “Mormon Celebrities” either. But…that is me and my opinion. Would I even be honored to meet any of those listed above? Not necessarily…even though it might be fun.

I would, however, be honored to meet some of the people who I read about nearly every day. I would be honored to meet these lovely bloggers who may not be “famous”, but deserve all the recognition and praise as those listed above. All but one of the blogs that I read faithfully are written by people who are linked to the LDS church somehow. Whether they are “Active Mormons” or “Recovering Mormons” or whatever, they are who I read about. They are our Blogging (Mormon) Celebrities in whatever “Various Stage of Mormondom” they are in. Five of those bloggers being the “regulars” here at VSofM, who are some of the DEAREST people I have ever “met” and care about tremendously. And through those wonderful people I have been “linked” to other fabulous people who always keep me coming back for more. For whatever its worth, thanks you all for sharing a part (or all) of your life with those of us who LOVE to read about it. Those are the “celebrities” I’m interested in…

You wouldn't want to meet Ricky Schroeder? I guess he's not your "generation". BTW: it's his birthday today.

PS I got a ring.

I have to disagree with you on one thing. Roseanna Barr is not a celeberty! She is just annoying. Ricky Schroeder... I am not sure about, but he did live in a house with a train inside it, and he had a race car bed that he slept in, little did I know you could go to Sams Club and buy the race car bed.


Cam...there are A LOT of annoying celebrities... ;)

And no...I don't even care about meeting Ricky Schroeder...but that's okay...

Thanks, now I know how the Osmonds must feel! When Christian roasts his pig this summer you simply must come--it'll be the who's who of blogging.

Happy Happy Birthday Abby!! Kisses and Hugs from your favorite Aunt Becca.

Great blog JP. I like your celebrities most of all!

My favorite mormons are all right here, bloggers & commenters. I joined the church for one year and it was because of people like the ones here that I did. Though I continued on my personal spiritual journey and eventually left the church I never stopped loving the mormons that brought me there. Here is where I have found loving like minded souls.

Thanks to all of you!

I feel so honored to be the link to the "active mormon"! There are so many, many "stages" of mormondom, though. There should be more categories than just "active" and "inactive" (I guess "less active" is the politically correct term these days). "Recovering" seems like a good term for Dooce. I, too would like a more personalized term. I'll have to think about that one...

I love the thoughts you expressed in this post!

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