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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

Even Underlineing Nabokov When I Am Not In Love

So here's the thing... I thought we had cancelled book club, so I only read 25 pages of the book and then my life EXPLODED and I haven't had a chance to pick it up again. I liked what I had read thus far, it made me interested to read some Nabokov and I added "Lolita" to my Amazon wishlist. I'm actually very much looking forward to finishing this months book, hopefully before I DIE! Sadly, I didn't get the chance to do it before this post.

As many of you know, reading is a huge part of my life. It keeps me from doing things like interacting with other human beings, watching tv, finishing my homework and sleeping. I devour words because to me they are so sweet, so delicious to my soul. The thought that someone who didn't know me, who had no idea how I felt about the words I hold sacred, could prevent me from reading, prevent me from challanging myself and the the way I think and the ideas I form scares me senseless. I have never been one for censorship. I firmly believe in the saying, "Art is what the artist says it is" even if that art is morally or personally offensive. (See... this is the liberal in me... yeah... feel free to hate me.) I believe in being challanged, but more than that I believe in free will. Heavenly Father's greatest gift to us is the right to choose our own destinies. He does not make us victims of fate or circumstance, He lovingly allows us to make our own choices, good or bad, and to suffer the conciquences of those actions. It broke my heart to read the story of these women who had so many choices removed from them. Their free will was no longer theres, but instead they were subjected to the will of a tyrent who didn't know them, didn't love them as our Heavenly Father knows and loves us. The fact that the women of Iran were not allowed the oppertunity to make their own choices saddens me greatly. I weep whenever someone's right to choose is thwarted. I believe that Heavenly Father trusts us enough to make choices, to deal with the conciquences, seek repentance when nessicary and rejoyce in our wisdom and strength whenever possible. I only wish as human beings we could give each other more of those freedoms, more of the faith in each other I think we so desperatly need.

As for me, I choose to continue reading this book. I am facinated to see how it ends. I am thrilled with idea that these women pushed limits, made choices for themselves when there seemed to be no options, and questioned things rather than immediatly conform to them. There is power in using your God given free will. A power to become what you were born to be. More often than not, it is only a matter of YOU figuring it out.

So, in the words of Ms. Frizzle of "The Magic School Bus" (another favorite book of mine) "Ask Questions! Get Messy! TAKE CHANCES!"

Happy Reading!

I don't want to start a threadjack or spam your blog, but I think that you, Sarah, and maybe some other VSoM readers may want to join this petition:

And I want to add that I really like your book club at this blog, but I don't want the permabloggers to feel that they have to continue it at the expense of their mental health/other responsibilities.

Well it is an interesting book through and through... and don't get me wrong I only finished it after I posted. I finished it on the way home this evening. I don't recommend reading the book on public transportation... you may get a little teary eyed.

Clearly we need some clarification as to whether or not book club is on or off.

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