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Friday, April 01, 2005 

It’s my turn again huh?

It’s my turn again huh?

Well everyone does the top 20 blogs and top 10 or top 100, so I am going to do the top 20 Traditions blog today.

These are in no order:

1- Christmas morning all the kids woke up (we had to sleep in the same room) and went into my parents room. We had to wait till some of the neighbors lights were on, then my dad went down and made a fire, and we were then allowed to line up on the stairs and have our picture taken, then we could go down stairs to open gifts.
2- Every spring all the male members of our house go on a 2-3 day canyoneering excursion. Its one of the funniest things we do all year.
3- Every time I get on the chairlift, I hold my poles out in front of me and bang them together.
4- When I come home from work I take off my shirt and shoes and sit on my flowery couch and watch the Simpsons and Seinfeld.
5- My family tries to go skiing together every Saturday.
6- We meet together for every birthday (Parents, siblings, nieces nephews, etc.)
7- Easter Dinner at my parents, (OK Easter dinner somewhere, but the whole family is always there)
8- My Mom always gives us a Life Saver Book at Christmas
9- My Dad buys my Mom a box of Orange Sticks for Mothers day and her birthday.
10- My dad always gets jeans for Christmas.
11- Family camp trips.
12- My parents used to own a house boat at Lake Powell, and we had a tradition of going down every other week all summer long for about 10 years.
13- My parents sit on the back row of church every week. (Habit or Tradition?)
14- Whenever something is happening (Church Talks, Running a Marathon, Triathlons, 5K’s plays at school, school science fairs etc. ) The whole (or most the family) will get together.
15- On Valentines Day my mom gives all the kids a huge pan sheet cookie in the shape of a heart.
16- My grandpa ate at the Chuck-A-Rama 6 days a week (including Thanksgiving and Christmas) for 10 years.
17- Superbowl party at my sisters house.
18- Card Games when we get together—Phase 10 or Flinch or Dominoes.
19- My Dad gives all the kids and grandkids a t-shirt from Sundance every Christmas.
20- Christmas Day- We now have a new tradition that was molded with an old tradition. Ever since I was little we would open gifts, visit my grandma, then head up to Sundance and ski all day. After that we would go to my grandpas, open gifts, then head to my grandmas for Ham dinner. This has been changed because of some deaths, and because my parents have grandkids now. We now do this: I sleep in till 8:30ish, my parents get up early and visit my brother and sister and watch their kids open gifts. I drive up to Sundance and meet everyone up there, where we spend all of Christmas day skiing. We then head home in the late afternoon and have dinner at my parents. Then around 6 or 6:30ish we open gifts.

The skiing on Christmas Day is my favorite, though the big Valentines Day cookie is awesome too.

Don’t forget its conference weekend, you can listen live at www.lds.org. Enjoy everyone!

As always: well done.

#17 Are you the family in Utah that makes the street flood on Superbowl Sunday?

and don't forget that our very own Carrie Anne, Suzie Petunia (and Co.) will have their LDS Production debut during conference as well.

FUN traditions, Cam...I have to admit that I would enjoy a huge, heart cookie on Valentine's Day. THAT would make me like that Hallmark Day. ;)

"16- My grandpa ate at the Chuck-A-Rama 6 days a week (including Thanksgiving and Christmas) for 10 years."
This made me laugh out loud- why in the world did he decide to do that?

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