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Thursday, April 21, 2005 

This Week of Not So Much

I feel guilty for not posting about this week's topic. I feel guilty that I wasn't consistent. I feel guilty that I wanted to keep book club going and didn't read the book. I feel guilty that *someone* wanted to cancel and we weren't sure what we wanted to do. I feel guilty that what I'm about to ask, I didn't ask ANYONE from our little VSofM what they thought about it. But here goes...with guilt:

This is VERY presumptuous of me, but I'd like to ask all of us readers a question. The six of us "regular" writers have a schedule that we follow each week. We've been fairly organized about all the topics and have it planned it out to the best of our abilities. The topics are all things that WE have thought of though. So...if we discontinue book club in THIS form...maybe this is a good opportunity to open up comments to ask if there is a topic we haven’t covered that might be of interest to you. Now, this could be a HUGE flop…but I thought I’d ask anyway.

Besides, I’m just trying to be semi-productive and post this question since I have so much guilt for not reading this book. Please help my guilt by presenting us with some “new” topics to write about if we replace Book Club.

My guilt-ridden self thanks you.

I love your idea JP... I know I am part of the six, but still what a great idea. We could always discuss your guilt.

Now I wonder who that *someone* was.

I think that you are confusing the issue – whereas its Book Club or not to Book Club. Not: Please fill in the blanks if Book Club is trashed. And having once been a somewhat invited guest blogger for Book Club, of course albeit a mildly subversive one who apparently and of course inadvertently started a trend of reviewing books that the reviewer hadn’t read, yet for some unknown reason here I’m thinking to myself that that one submission of mine leaves me with the inalienable right to comment away and hold all of the VS of M’s reader’s hostage!

But none the less - Dictionary.com defines a Club as: A group of people organized for a common purpose, especially a group that meets regularly. Which in all actuality VS of M already is such a Club, Books or not, so if it’s a “being a part of” thing that troubles you, well, you already doing that, though the common purpose of Book Club is, from what I’ve surmised, to read a preordained choice of reading material and then write to your heart’s content about it! However, only one out of three of you actually has, and of course one of you two rebellious ones had a person or persons unknown call them an idiot for slacking off on the assignment, which by the way she is obviously still smarting over, so I am then left asking – what’s the dilemma here?

Dump Book Club, as it is glowingly obvious to the rest of us that you already have and then query your constituents for subject suggestions, which I am only sure that they have like, hmmmm, a few million questions and topics waiting in the wings - as this is religion: The human question of organized spirituality and the ensuing individual’s indoctrination or denial of! Sort of the stuff that makes countries vanish, governments crumble and many many wars fought in the name of!

One vote for no Book Club from the Fromage!

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