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Friday, April 22, 2005 

A true master piece of our times.....

An inspired blend of memoir and literary criticism, Reading Lolita in Tehran is a moving testament to the power of art and its ability to change and improve people's lives. In 1995, after resigning from her job as a professor at a university in Tehran due to repressive policies, Azar Nafisi invited seven of her best female students to attend a weekly study of great Western literature in her home. Since the books they read were officially banned by the government, the women were forced to meet in secret, often sharing photocopied pages of the illegal novels. For two years they met to talk, share, and "shed their mandatory veils and robes and burst into color." Though most of the women were shy and intimidated at first, they soon became emboldened by the forum and used the meetings as a springboard for debating the social, cultural, and political realities of living under strict Islamic rule. They discussed their harassment at the hands of "morality guards," the daily indignities of living under the Ayatollah Khomeini's regime, the effects of the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, love, marriage, and life in general, giving readers a rare inside look at revolutionary Iran. The books were always the primary focus, however, and they became "essential to our lives: they were not a luxury but a necessity," she writes.

Ok, so maybe I did not learn my lesson from the whole USA Today issue. I really did not write the above, I stole it from Amazon.com. But here is the thing girls don’t realize. When they start talking to a guy, he usually listens to the first 1 minute, then it becomes a tune out situation. We nod, and we “act” like we are paying attention, (I think a lot of girls actually know this). So when we started discussing the end of the book week, I heard the start of the conversation, and well… tuned out, so I did not read it. I am sorry Becca, it really did look interesting, but between reading the closed caption on the Simpson’s, and TV Guide I never have any free reading time.

I promise to read it soon.

However, I did receive an email that said this….

“Like tell really cool stories about the summer we hung out and how my influnce has made you the best person in the world and how you love me and all of that... unless of course you can think of a better topic then ME>.. good luck!”

So I thought of all my favorite Becca Stories.

1- There was the time Larry King came in to the OutBack Steak House, and he left his glasses, and Becca put them on and was prancing around the restaurant and he came back to get them.
2- The night some guys (I don’t remember their names, through her in the air at the Club Omni, and broke her wrist.
3- The night we went hot tubing and they forgot to add water, to the chlorine.

And so on, and so on.

Yes Becca, I love you to death, and yes Becca I am the best person in the world because of you.

Please do not hate me for not reading, I really did think we had done away with it.
So what is everyones plans for the weekend?

Love ya’ll!

This is with out a doubt some of your very best work Cameron. Impressive!!

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