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Friday, April 29, 2005 

Uncle Spiderman had it right.

What’s a strength you have?
What’s a strength you wish you had?

In reality I am not sure I have any strength, and in reality I am not sure I want any strength. Like Spiderman’s uncle told him, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Having strength or a talent has the scriptures sometimes call them creates a lot of extra work. When I was attending a BYU ward I owned a truck. Most people at BYU don’t drive trucks, so come April I usually had a lot of girls who had never given me the time of day asking if I could help them move, (I swear 90% of the time it was Becca). Great power equals great responsibility.
Too many people in this world hide their strengths. Afraid of the responsibility they will have with it. I know I do. Take the truck for example, I am not going to lie and say I never took the wheels off of it and put it on blocks in my front yard (yeah real white trash, I know) to avoid having to move yet another sister who started flirting with me the week before in an effort to get my truck. I do this a lot with whatever strengths I have. I hide them, and fear the responsibility.

The only thing I really do not hide is the humor. I love to be funny, and the funniest thing about me is that 99% of the time most people don’t find me funny, but I still find myself funny. So that’s it, all I got going is that I find myself funny. And that’s a scary thought.

Now on to my weaknesses. To make a real list of strengths, you have to see your weaknesses. I thought about doing a top 100 list, but then my blog today would be too long. If I were to pick one weakness, an actual weakness, and not something to be funny, I would say the same thing I already said. I am afraid of my talents, and strengths. I would not say that I am afraid of success, but I can say I am afraid of potential.

Everyone has been given immense potential. Everyone has strengths and talents that they have never thought of. It’s a big responsibility to find those talents.
“Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.”
Sometimes we sell ourselves short on what we are capable of. Just remember that what ever role you find yourself in, and whatever situation you are in, you have great power and you have infinite potential. Take sometime and look for your own potential, you will be amazed at what you are capable of if you just give yourself a little credit.

As my grandma always told me when I would leave her house, BE GOOD!
And have a great weekend.

I think this is one of your most honest posts Cameron.

You be good too.

Also... sorry for making you move me three times in one year... I guess it would have been four if your truck hadn't been "out of commission".

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