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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 

Who are we forgetting?

There've been a lot of "Mormon Celebrity" names thrown out already this week, but there's definitly a few that I'm surprised have not been brought up. The most shocking of these is Steve Young.

Is there a single girl out there who, before Steve Young got married, didn't think about him, just a little bit? I mean, I heard he was dating one of the DoubleMint twins, but I was sure that she was only after him for his money. I would have been after him for his good looks and his fame... far less shallow than the money. Really.

Of course, we are cousins, so it never would have worked out. We share that most prolific of all famous grandfathers, Brigham Young. I still held a silent, only slightly incestuous hope in my heart that one day... maybe...

But it was not to be. I remember the 60 Minutes episode where Mike Wallace interviewed Gordon B. Hinckley, Steve Young, some BYU students, the Marriott Hotel Chain owner, and a few others.

I couldn't help thinking, and please don't think less of my 18 year old self for this, that if I could somehow combine all of the elements represented by those men, that it would be really really great.

But, something that has just occurred to my 28 year old self is the distinct lack of female presence among those interviewed. Good thing Gladys Knight joined up... now there will be a representative of the fairer sex the next time the LDS Church is on national display.

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Oh the man-crushes that I had on him! It might have been the tight little pants football players wear, it might have been the super bowl rings, or maybe it was his charming smile.

All I know is it all ended that fateful day when all my friends (after months of prodding) got me to ask the "hot chick" out from the General Store at Sundance, and she rejected me because she had a "boyfriend". Who I later found out was Steve Young. Also I found out later that my friends knew this but and insisted that I ask her out. Just a little egg on my face. There was a brief moment that I actually thought I could contend with him for her love....

damn it, Kaycee...I only had two "links" to this whole Mormon Celebrity idea...and he was was of them! Although, you win...because you're actually related. He was in my cousin's ward in S.F...and I sat in "his" chair at Sierra College (where their training camp USED to be) for one of my computer classes. Yeah...that's about it which is why I have no clue what I'm going to write about tomorrow...

Julie P. (a friend growing up) Married an Osmond...maybe I'll go with that...

oh, and also...I was one of those girls who maintained (back in the day) that Steve Young wasn't married because he just hadn't met me yet...

Late one night after eating at the Provo Denny's I saw Steve Young with a little blonde chick. When I saw him standing before me my first thought was, "Wow! He seems so much taller on t.v." I was never really that into Steve, he just seemed a little out of my leauge.

My sisters friend was approached and "interviewed" to date Steve Young. Yes, I said interviewed, screened. She was not called for a date. I'm sure that made her feel AWESOME...

But I did serve him at La Dolce Vita while he was on a date...he tipped OK, not great...

Well there is still the slew of psuedo celebrities. You know the ilk, those wacky everyday players that sought fame and fortune and everything that goes with it in the vien of TV reality.

Carmen Rasmussen and Jon Peter Lewis of American Idol fame; Julie Stoffer and Ryan of the Biggest Loser. Are there any otherse I'm not thinking of.

Has anyone mentioned Julie from Real World?

Steve Young was single so long, I figured he was gay and just couldn't bring himself to come out of the closet. Maybe he is but figured he'll try marriage. If he isn't gay and was with the church program when single, then his equipment probably isn't functioning to my standards.

I worked at Outback Steakhouse in Orem with the very Doublemint twin you refer to. She is very nice and I don’t think she was at all in it for the money. She did drive a Toyota 4-Runner, but merely a coincidence or possible a payment for the commercial she appeared in with my favorite one time 49er.

And I remember the very 60 minutes you are talking about I even remember where I was when I watched it. Carvers Steakhouse in Orem... steakhouse’s everywhere.. I also went to private school with the Marriotts (grew up in Utah... what do you expect?) and had no idea they were associated with the hotel chain until many years later.

One thing I found interesting while google researching this topic is how many historic Mormon women were mentioned on many sites and when I think about the Mormon Church and the things I really like about it and the things I would like to incorporate into my own life a lot of them include the things developed by the relief society, by women... for example visiting teaching, taking care of one another, making carrot salad and jell-O for families that are struggling, all the gestures that say we are here for you as sisters. Oops ... a tangent sorry. But really if we look back we can find many women that have made the Mormon religion the success it is, but they don’t have the same notoriety and Kaycee does bring up a good point that even today women are often, regularly, absent from the praise towards the church..

I've told this story elsewhere in the bloggernacle, but it's appropriate here:

Steve Young's parents came to my wedding reception -- my family used to live in the same stake as his family, until they redrew the stake boundaries when I was younger. My new wife Kristen, who grew up in a family of seven girls, no boys, was incredibly unaware of the American sports world. As Steve Young's parents (whose first names, sadly, I have momentarily forgotten) came through the receiving line, my mother introduced them to Kristen, and mentioned significantly, "These are Steve Young's parents." Kristen smiled politely, thinking my mother was talking about some childhood friend of mine. It wasn't until later that I learned that she had absolutely no idea who my mom was talking about.

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