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Monday, April 25, 2005 

You Snooze You Lose!

As you can imagine it is much easier thinking of strengths that I wish I had then it is figuring out my greatest strength. I think that I am a good people person, a skill handed down to me from my mother. My dad always says that he and mom can go to Church anywhere in the world and no matter what she will be the last one to walk out of Relief Society while he stands in the hall waiting. She may not know a word of the language, but this doesn’t stop her from making a friend. My mother has passed this on to me, but maybe it is more of a skill then a strength, or maybe it is both.

I am extremely trusting of people. I assume everyone is a good, nice, wonderful person that only wants the best for everyone around them as well as themselves. So when an individual hurts another I am always shocked and trying to explain their actions away as some misunderstanding, unintentionally, only this isn’t always the case. I do believe that trusting people is without a doubt a strength of mine, but I also think that it is my greatest weakness. A too trusting person is easily taken advantage of, or blind sided.

A strength I wish I had? Oh where to begin? I wish my feelings were not so easily hurt. I wish my ego was not so tender, but most of all I wish I had more self-discipline. I am disciplined if others are relying on me, but if it is something for myself I seem to not be as motivated. For example, I am great with setting my alarm clock for 5 a.m. every morning and I am great at waking up at 5 a.m., but I’m also great at hitting snooze and waking up every ten minutes to hit snooze again until I am almost late. I am great at making plans to work out and I am great at buying equipment that will make the work out more enjoyable (heart rate monitor, arm band for the iPod, wrist band to wipe the sweat off my face… you name it I’ve got it). But actually getting from A to Z is a bit more difficult for me. If I have someone meeting me to work out I am there no matter what, but if it is only myself that I have made the commitment to I am not as good at keeping to my goals. I’d like to work on my self-discipline and stop snoozing my goals.

Wow! I could have written this myself! I am the exact same way. I am always stunned when someone I trust hurts me and I think because I was so trusting...the hurt tends to last longer.

My snooze started at 615 this morning...I got out of bed around 7:10


You know what I think I would have wrote if I were you?

“I am hot, and very desireable! If I could change anything, it would be the height thing, other then that it’s a perfect package.”

But that’s just what I would have wrote if I were Becca.

Yowza! Reading Becca's blog for a few months, and I had no idea that she was such an internet hottie. And such admiring fans, too. Perhaps you should say "I'm hot, and I have fans that tell me so on the internet"! You could also mention that you do pretty well at keeping the trains running at VSM. (Or is that Kaycee's job?).

But anyway, nice topic. It's interesting how our strengths and weaknesses are often so intermixed.

I can really relate to what you said about accountability (even though that is not the word you used exactly). If I am expected to do something or be somewhere by someone else, you can bet I'll do it. But if I am not going to be held accountable, the motivation just isn't there.

That is what makes being a mom so hard. Who am I accountable to for my job? Not my husband, and usually God isn't tangible enough to enforce the proper motivation. I'm never up for a promotion or pay raise, and to be honest...nothing catastrophic will occur if I'm not the best mom I can be today. Motivation...that IS a tough one for me.

So wristbands are used to wipe sweat off your forehead? That makes so much sense. I always thought they were for sweaty wrists and I just couldn't understand why people needed them. Interesting. (Don't mind me. I'm just operating at my more shallow level.)

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