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Sunday, May 22, 2005 

The Ay Yai Yais Have It

The results are in... replacing Book Club Week will be "OxyMormon" week. I didn't make it up... click here to see the results yourself.

Since only 9 people voted for the Q&A option, I fear we'd have trouble getting enough questions to have answered. Instead... we have the option with the funny name.

Look for the first installment in 3 weeks time. Thanks for voting!

This Week's Topic:

  • The Sabbath Day

Various Authors

  • Monday:
    Kaycee opted out of Mormondom 4 years ago. She calls herself agnostic.
  • Tuesday:
    Sarah is not your average Gospel Doctrine Teacher.
  • Wednesday:
    Carrie Ann comes from pioneer stock, and lives in Provo, but is open minded and fair.
  • Thursday:
    Ned Flanders hasn't been to church in a while, but maintains an interest in all things Mormon.
  • Friday:
    John C. is an academic with a sense of humor and a testimony.
  • Saturday:
    JP's not going to church and feeling okay about it.

Various Links

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