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Friday, May 06, 2005 

Me Me Me

I had a nice discussion yesterday with a friend about how crappy our world, and more specifically our country is becoming. People are becoming more and more self involved. We only care for one thing, taking care of ourselves. Everything about our culture is centered around gratifying our own temporal needs. There are of course those small glimmers of hope that are trying to reach out and help people, like the United Way, and other service organizations. But as a whole our society is a very self indulgent people. You may say that sins of omission are more of a trend these days, rather then an oversight on our part.

That is the beauty of the gospel. Everything Jesus taught was to give up yourself for everyone else. One story I have been thinking a lot about lately is the story of the rich man who asked how he could inhert eternal life. It was a simple answer, give up all that he had and follow Christ. I was thinking the other night if I could do that. If I could give up everything and take up the cause. I would like to think I could, and that I would. But in reality I would have to say that I would fall short. I can say that because of the sins of omission. If I can not give of myself in the little things, how do I expect to give up the big things.

It’s a horrible pattern we are in. We have become so focused on everything but what is really important. I do not think it is irreversible. I think that there is a lot of good out there. I do not think that the good in this world is the minority. I just think it is being overshadowed. It’s the small things that make a difference. It’s the everyday caring and love between neighbors, communities, and our society in general that can over come sins of omission. All we need to do is start with ourselves. Start giving and caring a little more, and pretty soon the world will start looking a little better.

And having said that I wish you all a great weekend.

I get the hint... I am self involved!! Geez.

All joking aside I really am. I couldn’t give up all my riches and follow Christ. It sounds too much like a hippie commune if you ask me. I do think it is a lovely idea and I do think that there is of course more that each of us could and should be doing, but I still tend to lean towards Kaycee's post this week. Perfection is unattainable! Now does this mean throw in the towel and don't even strive for something better? Not at all, but give up my shoes and purses and shopping time? I think I'll hold onto those sins.

There must be something in the air... In my Criminal Law final last Monday we had to write about theories of punishment and take a section of the Model Penal Code that we thought was morally abhorrent and justify changing it based on our own philosophy of crime and punishment. I picked the section saying that an omission is not a crime unless the duty is oulined in a specific law. And there really aren't many laws regarding omissions.

I wrote all about how we are a society and have duties to each other simply for being human beings. I'm sure my professor is going to read it and think I'm some crazy hearts and flowers hippie looking for Utopia. And in a way, isn't that kind of what Mormonism is - except for the free love bit.

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