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Monday, May 16, 2005 

Me: Revisited

Ahhh…my favorite subject.

I re-read my introductory blog, and was surprised that I broke one of my own testimony rules by saying “if it weren’t for the Gospel, I would be a [loose woman who smoked a raw and highly addictive narcotic derived from the coco plant].” (I am not trying to be prudish; I’m just trying to keep this site from being blocked as [indecent and illicit material].

Other than that, I wouldn’t change anything I said. I have really enjoyed writing for this blog, I have really enjoyed the other writers and their perspectives on the various topics. I love that we are all SO very diverse and that we can freely share beliefs with neither prejudice nor malice. Our commentators have remained mostly respectful, intelligent, and provocative.

It is not at all uncommon for someone’s post or someone’s comment to stick with me for a few days. I am a ponder-er, you see. Words and ideas stick with me and roll around in the old noggin bumping into old “What Not to Wear” episodes and song lyrics and the Anthropologie catalog.

Here are some of my fave topics discussed so far:

Calling yourself a Mormon and the baggage that comes with
Marriage and Mormonism
Why are we self-conscious
And many more, but I am using a foreign computer in a foreign land and don’t have my archives at my disposal…

But I think about VSoM a lot. It comes up A LOT in our Gospel Principles class at church. I re-tell your stories from your perspectives; understanding where everyone is coming from has strengthened my own testimony and resolve. While I have been forced to really think and examine my beliefs they have not changed, not my religious beliefs. But thinking and examining is what got me into this position in the first place.

I did a double take for a second..."whoa. what day is it?" when I saw the CA had posted. But then I remembered the decision to mix it up a little. Thank heavens I don't post on Mondays. I'm too much of an airhead.

Great revisit. Although, I am curious how your portray us when you use our stories in your class. ;)

Wish you well with your new contributor.

I like you on Mondays. And I like that you wouldn't change your introductory post.

I am glad you would not change anything in your intro post, I enjoyed it.

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