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Saturday, May 07, 2005 

Oh, I Nelgected to Tell You...

I’d like to justify myself by saying that all the things that were mentioned earlier this week…about not helping people when we should have, or not doing all that we know we should…are not really sins of omission.

A sin of omission…..wait…I just Googled “sin of omission” and it pretty much came up with everything you guys talked about earlier this week.

Crap. I got nothing.

I think you should have told us what your impressions of "Sins of Omission" was before you went and Googled it.

I'm interested.

Did you think it had something to do with "bodily functions"? :) Now I'm curious, too!

I'm a little disappointed at the nonchalance displayed over the sins of omissions topic. (No one specifically, just as a whole) I think that maybe sins of omission have to do with our RELATIONSHIP with God our Father. Maybe He wants us to keep in touch. Maybe He likes it when we appologize for something we've done wrong. Maybe He likes it when we read His words for us through the scriptures. If you ask me, all the things that we don't do, or "sins of omission" are the same whether it's with our relationship to God, to our spouse, to our best friend, or our own mother...if we just get lazy about the relationship, it suffers. I personally choose to wrestle with it and hope to improve my relationship with God.

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