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Thursday, May 05, 2005 

Ooops...My Bad

In my opinion, we live in a world where it is always “somebody else’s fault” and there is MUCH justification (or rationalization) for our daily actions. While this may not sound like two things you would find on any list of sins of omission…I think that’s kind the point. I think that we all live in our own little worlds of NOT accepting responsibility for own actions or NOT dealing with the consequences. By default, these really are sins of omission.

My life is crazy-busy and I find myself a culprit of these sins often. If you’ve watched any Reality Television at all or talk shows or even the news, you’ve seen all these bad habits or Sins of Omission in action. Or better yet, if you’ve taken a look in the mirror (a good hard look) you’ll see them in yourself too. I know I do. Whether I like it or not, they’re there. I could say that I’ve seen people that are much worse than I am, but then I’m heading into “judgmental justification” and that’s just not good territory…even if they were on Jerry Springer blaming their Mama that their in jail pregnant with their second cousins baby. Okay, so I don’t watch Jerry Springer, but that totally sounds like something that would be one there. Or what about the people who are suing McDonalds or the tobacco companies? Or what about the burglar who was robbing someone’s home and fell and then sued the owners of the home he was burglarizing? Those people were not FORCED to do any of those things that are now causing them pain in injury. It was completely their choice of actions. However, society today is all about blaming someone else instead of putting the responsibility back where it belongs.

I think I’m going to “go after” NBC. They have those shows that I was glued to weekly. I am seeking damages for the time I spent watching those shows and not doing something else that I should’ve been. It is ALL THEIR FAULT!

Okay, no…it is not always so dramatic or far-fetched. But how many of us have blamed traffic for being late to work, even though we know full-well that we could’ve left 20 minutes earlier when we heard the bad traffic report? How many of us complain over and over about how busy our lives are yet will spend an evening in front of the TV because we’re so “fried” we just can’t do one more thing? How many of us have blamed the jerks that smashed our passenger side window and stole our purse when we know full-well that YOU JUST SHOULD NEVER DO THAT and taking full responsibility for not being more vigilant?

Or what about blaming our mood on the bad day we’re having instead of taking responsibility for how we are reacting to things that happen to us or around us?

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right…I have taken a different approach to discussing sins of omission. But I think not accepting responsibility or rationalizing one’s behavior falls right into that topic. Not one of us is perfect, no matter what your belief system or religion is. It’s our job to be the best that we can possibly be on a daily basis. This is not easy, nor is it ever going to be easy.

Remember, accepting that you have a problem is the first step. ;)

Very interesting approach JP. I think point the finger at others is an easy way to let ourselves off the hook about so many things, and I agree that taking a look inward and seeing and attempting to remedy our own flaws is essential to progression. It's just important to not be too hard on ourselves, to rely on the Lord and realize that we, as well as everyone else on the planet, are going to fall short of perfection every single time.

JP... I have to say that I disagree with some of what you said.

People who do bad things are responsible to doing bad things. If you make a mistake (like leaving your purse in your car) that makes it easier for someone to do something to you... it is still thier fault for doing bad things.

What you have said makes me think a lot about what Kaycee wrote Tuesday. I agree that not taking responsibility for your actions is poor behavior, but like Kaycee mentioned, where do we draw the line for this accountability? Are we single handedly responsible for the lung cancer we are dying from, or could the cigarette industry's marketing to little children have played a role in the addiction we have had since the age of 7? Do we not point fingers at all and just say I knew better, so be it? And then allow the industry to continue with their tactless marketing skills, or do we point fingers for change? Of course this is only one example of many as to accountability. Accepting responsibility is important, sometimes pointing out others responsibility is important as well. Great twist JP.

I didn't see your comment when I posted Kaycee...

Kaycee...I would quite agree that those bastards who smashed my window and stole my purse are TOTALLY at fault. But how easy did I make it for them?? QUITE!

I took my point to the extreme to show how the world today blames everyone else for their problems. My feelings and blame I put on the tobacco industry is somewhat irrelevent because I don't smoke and have always chosen NOT to smoke. I've seen just as many cig adds...had extended family member who smoked...but I've always chosen to NOT smoke. But that wasn't my point. My point wasn't actually about smoking...it was about not taking responsibility for the consequences if you do choose to smoke...or eat McDonalds...or whatever. I just took it to the "next level" for example purposes.

Good points, everyone...

Let me get this straight... both JP and Sarah had their car windows smashed and purses stolen in the last week, but in different parts of the same town?


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