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Friday, May 20, 2005 

Same old me

So my introductory post stands. I still love the church, and I still love my family. We are as tight as ever, and I imagine we always will be. The thing about my family is that we are a very functional-dysfunctional family. Where one is missing, another makes up. I am really glad to say that all our ducks are in a row.

I really do not have much to add. Any of you that know me know that I love my family, I love our togetherness, and I love each individual member of my family for all the little things they do for me. Its fantastic going out to my mail box and getting a hand draw note from one of my nieces thanking me for something. Its awesome going to a family dinner and being the only one who did not bring anything and no one says anything about it. The funny thing about our family is that we are not a super affectionate family, and sometimes we fight and bicker, but the love never dies. A lot of people ask why I do not move away or travel more, and I have to answer everything I need in life in right here. A good family, my church, the mountains I love so dear, and of course the skiing.

So like I said there really is not much to add, life is pretty good for me, and I am fairly content. Even when life is kicking me in the teeth, and dragging me by the neck, my family and my church are always there for me.

Sorry this is such a short post. My work load has sort of tripled over the last 8 days so I have been crazy busy, in fact I have not got to see my nieces since last week. But I still love you all, and hope you have a great weekend, and be happy.

Cam, you are a rock.

and you also rock.

Cameroni... I love your family love. If every family could be as fortunate. I find it interesting that you say that your family is not affectionate. I disagree. Maybe it isn't by someone elses definition, but I think that your family shows mad amounts of affection towards one another. The Hill bond is strong! VISIT THOSE NIECES... life is too short to caught up in business (and buy me a ticket to visit mine).

As the reluctant matriarch of a very screwed up family, I have enjoyed reading the posts here about the family.

Twenty years ago, I thought we had it made as a family, because I had my kids under my iron thumb and I planned their lives for them. Who knew they had other plans?

Now, we are somewhat shell shocked, but still hang tight and love each other.

The sort of fun part is watching other families as they figure they have it made, then reel from the shock as life gets them.

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