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Thursday, May 26, 2005 

What Sarah Didn’t Tell You

I was very touched by Sarah’s words earlier in the week. I didn’t comment that day because I knew once I got started I wouldn’t be able to stop…and then what would I write about when it was my turn?

Last night I had dinner with the greatest friends I’ve always had. Well, at least for the last 20 years I’ve had these friends…and I feel that is close enough to always. Towards the end of our dinner our topic of conversation ironically went to the very reason we survived high school: each other. For any non-Utah, Mormon teen…growing up with other Mormons, especially Mormons in your own ward, is not always the norm. But for me, it was. I was so very blessed to have the most wonderful friends growing up (even at those times that we were evil and made each other miserable) and we did almost everything together. From grade school on to high school and up to today, we’ve been together and our lives were always centered around the church. We went to early morning seminary together. Most of us went to school together. We went to church activities together. We hung out together. You get the picture. Since we were always together, our choices were relatively easy, because it seemed like we always made those choices together. There were moments of bad decisions for all of us, but we were always there for one another to pick the other person back up when they fell. We had a unique and special friendship that allowed us to be very spiritual youngsters, teenagers and now adults. Spiritual in our own ways, that is. Our differences in looks, sizes, colors, etc could not (and still can’t) compare to the differences in our spirituality. But that diversity makes the five of us so darn cool.

What Sarah didn’t tell you is that she played an equally integral role in each of our spiritualities just like we did in hers. She still maintains that important role in my spirituality. I am not active in the church and that really is no big secret. My spirituality has been a bit of a roller coaster for the past nine years, or so. But there is one very big constant in all of those years: My Heavenly Father. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and loves me in incredible amounts even though I’m not active in the church. I know that my choices in life haven’t followed the church’s guidelines, but my spirituality is up to me, not the church I am part of. I think the most important relationship that affects your spirituality is your PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with our Heavenly Father, or whatever spiritual focus that any of you may have.

I have been blessed that my spirituality has a lot to do with the wonderful friends I’ve had over the years. Those wonderful friends and my family were my foundation from the beginning. To compliment that foundation, my spirituality is wonderfully affected by my husband and my two little girls. My husband always encourages me to be better and for those little girls I WANT to be better. It is truly amazing how that alone can affect the spirituality you feel.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend…

I was going to comment under Sarah's post but didn't have time, so I'll comment here. I think it's just excellent that y'all have kept your friendships up so well and for so long. It's a rare thing and it's a beautiful thing. I want to say, "You're so lucky!" but luck is only half of the equation, if that.

I love that you all have remained close. What a blessing! But what about your friends who weren't members of the church. How have those friendships changed over the years due to "aging" and differences in beliefs?

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