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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 

You've Got The Music In You

Music is my life.

I mean that honestly, and anyone who has spent even the shortest amount of time will most likely agree with that statement. There is something about music that soothes my soul, calms me when I am crazed or moves my feet, brings tears to my eyes, swollows me whole in a memory I thought I had long escaped. I'm not sure if music does this for everyone, but it is what it does for me.

I can measure my life in songs, there is a soundtrack that runs through my memories. Tina Turner will forever make me think of my father, the Beatles "Rubber Soul" album is all my mom, Depech Mode and the Beasties were introduced to me by my older brother, and just the first few cords of any Smashing Pumpkins song makes me think of my little sister. There are songs I have with friends, with family members, songs that are just ours.

My friend Tifferbob and I have the silliest song ever, Blink 182's "M&M's" We would drive around in my little green car with all the windows rolled down and scream that song at the top of our lungs. Even though Tiff is thousands of miles away from me now, when my computer randomly plays that songs I think of her.

I have songs with my sister, my mother, groups of friends and family. I also have songs that are just mine. Songs that help me to remember just how I felt at a certin moment of my life. Songs that in some way have defined me and defined a period of my life.

I am always suprised by how there is always room for another song for me to love. I am amazed how there always seems to be a new song to fill up a new moment of my life. I find myself flipping through the radio dial looking for those new songs, searching for the next soundtrack of to some moment of my life. Knowing that there are melodies silly unwritten that will haunt me, change me, shape my heart with their invisable hands.

Does music change me? Of course it does. How could it not?

Aren't you amazed that they haven't run out of songs yet? I imagine that songwriting is one of the hardest things to do. I mean the writing of the greatest songs, songs that last forever. I could write a pretty crappy song right now, but even then I wouldn't be sure it hadn't already been written.

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