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Thursday, June 30, 2005 

Do The Math

I could make the blanket statement, “NO. I do not think tithing is a burden.” However, not being active in church and not actually paying tithing, I’m afraid that is a very hypocritical statement and I would feel somewhat like a politician.

I try never to feel like a politician.

The truth of the matter is this: I am very blessed. Even though money can be an interesting subject at times, I have everything that I NEED. (Just for the record, I do not have everything that I WANT, but that’s my job to remember the difference.) Knowing how blessed I truly am, I try to give back whenever I can but I don’t delude myself to thinking that I am actually paying tithing when I donate to charities or help children in need or other such things.

“Because I have been given much, I too must give.”

I have been given so much and all that is asked of me is 10%, right? It should be easy. It should be a “no-brainer” and money should freely flow from your checkbook. But like Carrie Ann said, if you don’t have a testimony of tithing (and, well…go to church, that does help) then yes, it will be a burden. Paying tithing is a very personal decision and it really is no one else’s business. It’s between you and the Lord…paying or not. The choice is very much yours.

You also have an inter-faith perspective...How do tithes work in the Catholic church? For us, paying a full tithe is required for "full membership" aka temple recommend etc. How does it work for your in-laws? So curious...

I think in most Christian religions, 10% is the norm. Having said that, I have noticed that in "other" churches, it's kind of "whatever is in your pockets...put it in the basket thing." I'm not saying that EVERYONE does that...just things that I have noticed.

My in-laws are very faithful...I'm actually very curious to know if they pay the standard 10% or not...I honestly don't know.

In my personal experience my previous church tithing was pretty much whatever I had avaialble and it wasn't expected either. It was hardly ever mentioned. At some of my Friends churches there is the tithing but also the bulding fund because they bought a new building which the church itself did not cover.

I believe that tithing is not a burden if we remember the blessings that come from it. Not just what we get back in money, if that is indeed the case, but the knowlege the the church can function. The Bishop's storehouse, chapels, temples and missionary efforts are all things that our tithes help to pay for.

This is a huge blessing that offsets any temporaly loss of 10% of one's income, if you have a testimony of it.

What is unique with us as I have seen is that we talk about it, and there is an expectation to do it if we want to consider ourselves living the gospel as fully as we can.

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