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Friday, June 03, 2005 

Sorry I am late, I did not realize it was friday!

So I just ahd the most glorious revelation, it’s Friday!! I had no idea, and I was so excited, but then remembered that it’s my day to blog, and I felt pretty bad. I was actually on my way home, and decided that its only 3:46 on the west coast, so I could still get something out. OK now its nearly 5 MST, and I swear I will finish this.

Music, I love it. I have a radio in my bathroom that turns on when the light goes on, I will turn on music upstairs, I will turn on a light in the bathroom, then I will go down and turn on a radio downstairs. I love it, maybe its because I live alone, and I get lonely by myself, sniffle, sniffle. However, I would not say music affects who I am. I am not saying that it does not affect some people, but…. It does not make me who I am.

I can think of several times in my life when music has affected my attitude, which in result may have affected who I am, but it was more of an indirect relation. There was the time that Ms. X as we will call her, shot me down my sophomore year (several people who read this know her, so the name will not change.) at a school dance. I was a nerdy little 16 year old, there by myself because that stupid Brent had to work at Sizzler that night, and I was truly saddened. SO I got in my car and drove up to Sundance. As fate would have it, Pink Floyd was in the tape player, and it was incredibly depressing. I had some very bad thoughts come into my head. (I had to eject the tape and turn it to KJQ and luckily the B-52’s were on singing some peppy song.) Music definitely affected my mood, and attitude, but ultimately it was me that made the decisions. There was another time a few years ago where I was coming out of a bad time in my life, and things were not going so well for me. My dad and I went up to Sundance on a Saturday morning, after a pretty good snow fall. We started skiing about an hour before the lifts opened, and had the whole place to ourselves. I had my mini disk player with me, and as luck would have it again, I had U2 “all that you can’t leave behind” in. Beautiful Day came on, as I stood at the top of the mountain with my dad next to me, the sun and just popped up over the Uintah Mountains, and the sky was as blue as I have ever seen. The new snow was pure white, and glittered in the morning light. It was a near perfect skiing as you could hope for. For the first time I heard the words of that song, and I nearly cried, notice I said nearly! Here I was in the midst of all my problems, but yet the music, and sites, and being with my dad made me realize that it was not so bad, and that here was a beautiful day, and I could not let it, or any more get by.

I still stick to my guns that the music does not make me who I am. Who I am is always inside of me. The music may make me see that a little more clearly, but still I am who I am, unless of course we are talking about “Annie” cause it’s a hard knock life for us!!

Have a great weekend, sorry I am so late, its that darned memorial day that has me all messed up this week.

Love ya all

I read JLS' post (and commented) before reading yours, but I would quite agree about the decisions we make in our lif MAKE US who we are. Music is a decision, if you will, that I make that affects me and partly makes me who I am.

Great post..

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