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Thursday, June 23, 2005 

Yet Another Post Where I Talk About My Children...

I have two little girls who are so incredibly different, it amazes me they both have the same parents. When looking at the two of them standing together, there are similarities…but boy do they look different, too. I knew the minute I found out I was pregnant with the second one that these two children would have differences that I could never fully comprehend. I KNEW that each would challenge me in different ways. I KNEW that they would learn differently and that as a parent, I would need to learn how to teach and guide the two of them differently.

I KNEW that I would love those two little miracles more than I could ever imagine. That I would love one just as much as I loved the other…but that I would love them differently because they are different beings. I have never expected them to act the same way because they are two different people and I DO NOT expect perfection from them either. I do expect them to DO THEIR BEST and NEVER GIVE UP…but I KNOW that they will make mistakes and yes, there will be times that they let me down.

But I will ALWAYS love them.

I believe that Heavenly Father knows each of us by name and is amazed by our differences. When He sees us standing together, He sees our similarities but boy, are we all so different. He knew in the very instant that we were created that our differences would incredible and that each challenge He sent our way was handled so differently. He knows that we all learn things differently and at a different pace. He knows how to teach and guide us with our differences, it is just a matter of us paying attention. I believe that Heavenly Father looks on us as His own little miracles and that his love for us is more than we can fathom. I truly believe He loves me just as much as He loves all of you even though He may love us differently because we are so different.

As I commented yesterday, STRIVING for perfection gives us focus on how we want to be. I’d like to say that I’m a PERFECT accountant…but let’s be honest: I’m not. I’d like to say that I’m a perfect mom…alas, I am not. We are not perfect…but striving for perfection gives us a goal to work toward. Striving for perfection does not make us robots or clone-ish. It means we have the same goal in sight…but very different ideas on how to reach that goal. Maybe our differences are key to reaching that goal.

Either way, I think Arby’s had it right all along…different IS good.

I believe that differences are good… for the most part…as long as it isn’t to different. But I fight this with myself. If be different is good and sets you apart. Why is it that the areas I am self conscious in or insecure are also the areas that I’m different. If being different is good why don’t I embrace my differences? And why do I cut others down because of theirs? (Come on we all do it… we all make fun of the odd duck!)

When I think about my kids, they are different in so many ways, but to me they are completely perfect. I mean, they can drive me crazy and frankly they have way too much energy after 9pm, but even with the frustrations I wouldn't trade them for any other kids. They are the best in part because they are so different. I feel like between the two I have every aspect of kid and I am so glad to deal with the full spectrum.

JP, your post made me think of my theory that really we all look alike.

Here it is:

I have a twin. She has a different mother and father, but we looked SO much alike that it was freaky. Every time our families got together they would sit us down and marvel at us and take pictures. The only difference was that she had brown eyes and I have blue.

So while the number is large, there are a finite number of gene combinations. So if you were to line us up (say, in the afterlife) next to the person who looked most like us, and continued that through all the combinations everyone would look the same. Every millionth person or so would look different, but if you started at one end of the line and looked closely at people as you went, you might not perceive any difference.

No am not smoking pot.

Thank goodness we have differences and complexities that add to the vibrance and colour of our existance.

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