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Wednesday, June 29, 2005 

Your 10% Tithe at Work

A couple of months ago my brother got married in the temple. We went there to be with them when they came out and take pictures, etc. My fiance hadn't been on the temple grounds before and suggested that they put some signs around to make sure people really knew where the money came from for all of the things there.

I am not a good manager of money, so anything that deals with that area of my life is a burden. When I was in high school... this wasn't such a big deal. I didn't have expenses to speak of that would be neglected if I forgot to pay tithing one month and had to catch up later on.

In college, it was a different story. I tried hard to remember, but I just didn't sometimes and when I had to try to catch up, it was pretty painful. My senior year of college, I had to record that I had not paid a full tithe for the first time in my life. I remember being mortified and horrified by having to check that box when I went into tithing settlement with the bishop. I remember trying to think of a way to get the money before I went to tithing settlement so that I wouldn't be a partial tithe payer anymore, but there was just no where to get the couple of hundred dollars I needed to catch up.

Tithing was always a bit of a burden for me. Since I didn't really manage or pay that much attention to the money I had, I didn't really notice how much was actually going (or not going) to tithing.

I always knew that paying tithing was a good thing because it was a simple rule to follow that made all of the wonderful things we did in the church possible. I liked the simplicity of it and how you could easily know if you were following that commandment.

There were people who took it further than I did, though (I always paid 10% of my gross income). I knew a guy in my home ward who estimated what 10% of his birthday presents would be and paid that in tithing, too, since the commandment refers to your "increase."

There are some things that haven't changed about me. I am still terrible at money management, but at least if I don't remember to pay for the cable one month I'm not breaking a commandment (okay... I probably am... but I would have less guilt about it).

Love the sign.

I never laughed so hard or irreverantly at a holy place before. Your fiancee was just beyond hysterical that day.


Tithing is honorable, lack of transparency into how those funds are distributed and spent is not.

Accountability and transparency is the least that the tithe payer should expect. God would not have it any other way.

Kaycee, I STILL get behind...it hurts.

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