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Thursday, July 28, 2005 

Another One Bites the Dust

So...I'm on vacation all week and assumed (foolishly) that I would have PLENTY of time to write an intelligent post for this week's topic.

Did I mention how foolish I am?

I have barfy children as of 2 am this morning. There has been no completion of any such intelligent post. I will do so as soon as Mommily possible...

For heaven's sake, do not apologize! Have a nice vacation and I hope the kids feel better soon!

Barfy kids, no fun. But take some comfort, exploding at that end is so preferable to exploding at the other.

Bless your heart, hope the little ones are bettr soon.

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This Week's Topic:

  • The Sabbath Day

Various Authors

  • Monday:
    Kaycee opted out of Mormondom 4 years ago. She calls herself agnostic.
  • Tuesday:
    Sarah is not your average Gospel Doctrine Teacher.
  • Wednesday:
    Carrie Ann comes from pioneer stock, and lives in Provo, but is open minded and fair.
  • Thursday:
    Ned Flanders hasn't been to church in a while, but maintains an interest in all things Mormon.
  • Friday:
    John C. is an academic with a sense of humor and a testimony.
  • Saturday:
    JP's not going to church and feeling okay about it.

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