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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

It Took A Long Time To Become You

I have always kind of giggled at people who are extreme fundamentalists about ANYTHING. I giggle at them because they are so 100% sure they are 100% correct that they leave no room for any other thought, any other way it might be. To me, that is just plain silly and quite worthy of a giggle.

The debate between the creationism and the Evolutionists has always made me chuckle out loud. People get hugely fired up about this, and to be honest I have never really understood why. Like Carrie Ann, I have a foot in both the creationism and the evolutionary ring. I believe that the earth, and all of us were created by Deity and that we were created in His image. I also believe that human beings have significantly evolved since our initial creation. I think that is obvious that we are groaning, that we are pushing forward. Looking at the art people are creating, the books people are writing, and you can see that we're changing, we're evolving.

I know, in the 26 years I have been here on this planet I have evolved physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have grown and changed, I have had my limits pushed, and learned that it is really all about survival of the fittest. You have to be able to handle the things life throws at you, you have to survive the experience you're having. You often have to adapt to a situation or a circumstance. When creationism scream about evolution not being of God I let out a little laugh. It's so obvious that the Lord intended us to change, demanded it of us even. We were commanded to become more like Him, to strive for perfection. We can't do those things if we stagnant. There must be change. There must be adaptation. We must evolve.

For me, I believe that God created each of us, and all the things on this earth. I also believe we as a species we have evolved and changed profoundly from our beginnings. I believe that is the way it was intended to be. So, when I hear people carrying on about how only their way is the right way, I give them a smile, chuckle to myself and wish them luck with their own evolution.

Keep on a gigglin' little lady because I don't thinkg this issue is going to go away until we all sit down with gi-normous bags of popcorn and watch the WHOLE thing from start to finish. I can't wait...seriously.

Remember when Phoebe pushed and pushed until Ross would finally consider that his belief in evolution might not be 100% correct? She didn't necessarily believe in one or the other, but just wanted to open his eyes (and mind) to other possibilities.

My mind is open, but some ideas just sound a little far-fetched.

I think the point is that none of us know 100% for sure how things have come to be...or evolved...or created. I think that's an important part to this whole debate/topic: I simply DO NOT KNOW.

for some people, to say "I do not know", it's like the hardest thing in the world, especially when it comes to things like Faith.

Some people need something like Religion to be absolute, unmoving, solid and set in stone, because they are so unstable in who they are as an individual or on their own.

There is more to it than that, but it's an observation by me. This is a great blog, me likey. Nicely done. Thanks for the comment JP.

Elder Henry B. Eyring's father was a famous scientist. He's written books about his experiences which are fascinating. In one he explores the possible of evolution, and at the end of his essay, he writes (paraphrasing): "in the end it really doesn't matter. I know God created the world, and He may have used evolution to do it. But it's not important how He did it."

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