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Saturday, July 09, 2005 

singing is torture

I’m okay singing in the car with nobody around. And there are a few songs that I can handle decently, a precious few rock songs I’ve heard a million times and are just suited to my voice. Most everything else, I’m lost. I’m sure Kaycee is on the money, if I had a heavy dose of ignorance I wouldn’t know or care that I can’t sing. But I played violin for a number of years, got to the point where I wasn’t terrible at it but I never had a feel for the instrument or the music. I watched other kids advance and handle the instrument as if it was part of them. The instrument and the music, after years of playing, were still a foreign object and foreign language.

Some hymns, it doesn’t matter if you can’t sing, they don’t need to be sung well; they just need people to sing them. Many, however, need passable singing; such hymns, trying to sing them is monstrous unpleasant, the entire time knowing I’m off-key and not knowing how to sing it right. So I don’t care for singing in church. I try to sing the hymns to set an example for the kids. The example usually turns into singing in a goofy voice and catching a quick elbow to the gut from VL for not taking things seriously. At the very least, I get a good chuckle out of it.

i couldn't agree more.

Sometimes, if I need to take my mind off the mind numbingly slow pace of songs I try to get Todd to play a hymn game with me.

My fave goes like this: I sing one word then I let him sing one word and so on. This can be challenging because sometimes one word spans many notes so you must pay attention.

Is this sacralige?

you crack me up...daily, really.

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