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Saturday, July 02, 2005 

that's why they call it money

My mum and dad always taught us to pay tithing first, everything else second. After I got my Mormon on and decided that I needed to be paying tithing, that’s what I tried to do. When things were tight, VL and I received great monetary blessings in the form of student loans, so paying tithing was never too much of a burden. Maybe we received actual monetary blessings but I don’t know; it’s taken years for VL and I to get on the same page regarding what we need and what we don’t need, what expenditures we can cut. Only we’re not on the same page. We’re barely in the same book and believe me, it’s a large book. And we both have a page in that book says that when you come across a really good pair of pants, you absolutely must buy them immediately, no question.

The discussion this week has me wondering, do I even know, what is a blessing? Are blessings Divine aid or natural consequences? Following the Word of Wisdom, does that bring health simply because it’s a healthy lifestyle or does it bring supernatural blessings of strength and long life? Wonder-Twin powers, activate! And tithing, if paying tithing weakens the allure of material wealth and causes me to focus a little more on spirituality and immaterial riches, is that a blessing or just a natural consequence of throwing my money away? (yes, I know the money goes to build up The Kingdom, save puppies, all that sort of thing but from my perspective, I’m just kind of tossing that cash out the window.)

So I suppose I don’t look to tithing to receive financial blessings. Oh, I want financial blessings, but I look to tithing to break me of caring about financial blessings, to remind me where my heart lies, or where I want it to lie. But maybe I should care about financial blessings. I once heard a televangelist say, “To have Faith is to remain focused on your financial goals! It is impossible to have Faith and not have money!” I believe! I believe!

I think VL and I are reading the same book...while I write this comment I have 2 pairs of shoes in my shopping bag on the Steve Madden site and various sundries in my shopping bag at the anthropologie site...and no money in the bank.

Can't blessings BE natural consequences? And can't negative conseqences also BE the natural results of "sinning"? Do they have to bo one or the other? Great question.

I haven't paid tithing in years. Had I known that the money went to saving dogs I would never have stopped. =)

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