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Thursday, August 04, 2005 

But What About the Girls???

When Paige was small, we were at my grandparents house (for Thanksgiving, I think) while my aunt and uncle were in town. Everyone was doing there own thing when my dad called everyone into the living room. Before I knew it, my dad started to give this little speech about feeling bad about not making a bigger deal certain things and how proud he was. Of me. And presented me a plaque with one of my senior portraits side by side with the Young Womanhood Recognition emblem and theme.

To recognize me for receiving my YW Recognition.

I was stunned. I hadn’t expected that. But I was so very, very touched. And I cried.

Several months ago, there was something called a “Court of Honor” for my little brother, Jordan, for completing his Eagle Scout and all that goes with it. There were invitations sent, programs made, desserts organized and a big production planned. I was part of it all…and I was so proud of it all.

The night before Jordan’s EVENT…my dad pulled me aside to tell me how bad he felt that we were doing so much for the Court of Honor and that he still thought we didn’t do enough for when I earned my awards in YW. While he’s right, NO ONE really “honored” the gals in my stake that all earned their awards around the same time, I don’t want him to feel bad. That won’t change anything. However, it does BUG ME that so many young women work so dang hard (both in the Personal Progress and camp programs) and all they get is a Standard’s Night with recognition for all the girls in the stake who earned there awards within a few months of each other or within that same year.

Total bunk if you ask me.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I couldn’t enter into the armed forces as an officer for receiving my YW medallions like you can if you’re an Eagle Scout. I’ve accepted this and moved on. I’m also not-so-secretly glad that I never have to wear that color of green/tan combo.

And I honestly don’t want my dad to feel bad about not making a bigger deal for me. Really, I don’t. But dang, maybe I should’ve held out for…like, a shopping trip…or a spa day…or…something else equally “womanly” to go with my “womanly” award/recognition….or lack thereof.

I LOVE that your dad is that tender. He gave you your own plaque?! My heart is melting...what a sweet man.

He's a good one

Although, it's amazing what a little guilt will do. KIDDING!!

We just recognized another young woman for her award. Bishop called her up and made a production of it.

We do it one at a time, in sacrament meeting. It seems strange the way your stake handles it.

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