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Friday, August 19, 2005 

Now we're talking about something that's really important!

I am sad to say that while I have a wide variety of pet sins, false gods, and idols to whom I pay daily homage (TWOP, why are you such a cruel master!), the chiefest among these is me.

I am just a pretty selfish guy. Marriage has proven this to me above all else, but it has done very little to rectify the situation (or so my wife tells me). I don't know why it is, but if I want something, there is very little other people can do to convince me that other things ought to be higher in priority. Heck, other people, on occasion, might as well not exist (except, of course, you, dear reader).

Let's face it, I work in a field where, ideally, it will be daily confirmed to me just how smart I am. I write on blogs where, ideally, people discuss things that I have to say. I am also an underwear model.

I just love me so much that I have to take a lot of me time to think about me.

Perhaps this should change. Ad campaign notwithstanding, I am not getting enough love from the blogging thing (at least, there is one member in my fan club). In my (actual) career, I am mired in adjunctness. Surely there must be something out there to give my life more meaning.

Maybe if I got an x-box.

The good thing about self-worship is that we don't really have to worry so much about your self esteem. :) I can relate, but enough about me, let's talk about you, what do YOU think about me?

Dude, yes, get an xbox. We can play Halo2 and then I can show you how not-great you actually are :)

I just saw Sideways last night. Compared to Miles, I think you have it good. Except you don't drink wine. Alas.

(BTW, I didn't want to get all mushy at M*, but John, you are the GREATEST!)

Excellent! The success of my evil plan is greater than I could have ever imagined!

CA, well, you've always been nice to me...

You're plugged in at way too many blogs, man... How do you get anything done? ;)

Wow, John...you're plan worked. I bet you could start a cult... ;)

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