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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 

Obsessive Food Storage

Last night I became mildly obsessed with watching CNN, Fox News and every other news network that my cable recieved. Hurricane Katrina's devastation of the southern US has made me think "What if?"

It's affecting me a little more because I was in New Orleans just 2 weeks ago on my honeymoon. On TV I saw the bridge over Lake Pontchartain that we rode over to get to our "swamp tour" broken into pieces. On the internet I saw Canal Street, the busiest street in the city where I was walking 15 days ago submerged in 2 feet of water.

Maybe someone's food storage in this case may have been ruined, but there's more to "food storage" than wheat grinders and canned peas. You're also supposed to store water (which is a pretty hot commodity right now) and other essentials (medications, etc.).

What I always found interesting about food storage is what a waste of money it is for most people. You buy a bunch of food that's supposed to help you out in case of an emergency or in the lean times, but it's not really food that you like. So, when there's no emergency and no lean times, you end up just throwing the food out after 5 years or so.

That's a colossal waste. I think that if you're going to get food storage, it has to be things you will consume as you go along. You should keep a year's supply of stuff you will use in an average year.

You start by buying double of what you're going to use for several months. When you buy something, you date it with the purchase date so that you use the oldest items first. You save some old milk jugs or soda bottles, clean them out and fill them with tap water. You never get down to your last month's worth of medicine without reordering. THIS is how you do food storage.

But really... who's got the time? It's easier to buy a food storage kit from one of those emergency preparedness companies that has crazy informercials, websites, or ads in the Provo newspaper. It might be a waste, but it's a lot less work.

Do I do either of these things? Nope. Should I? Yep. Will I? Probably not.

That's why I give to the Red Cross.

I have always subscribed to food storage rotation. Storing what you use and what you need.

I think I am mildly prepared.

My husband has insisted on what we do have. Two years ago, he brought home a gas storage tank. 500 gallons. I thought he was NUTS. But, now. I am reconsidering. We have about 480 gallons in our tank. We use it, and rotate it.

For this, currently. I am quite grateful.

Sounds like your husband is a wise man, Lisa.

Speaking of fuel storage, how about a shameless commercial plug here... there is a company that will sell you a kit so that you can run your diesel vehicle on vegetable oil. Yes, that's right, your car can tool around on Wesson. If you happen to live near a Chinese restaurant, you might be able to procure used veggie oil for free, then just strain the chunks out and away you go... free fuel! If anyone is interested, the link is:

Warning: your exhaust may end up smelling like kungpao chicken.

Instead of storing water, get a water filtration device, the ones designed for backpackers, and/or some Polar Pure iodine crystals (this stuff will not deteriorate over time as will the cheap iodine tables). These things will keep for years on end.

I should point out that Rob, my brother, owns stock in kung-pao chicken. Oh, and his brother-in-law is the mad-scientist (or mad-promotionist) behind greasel.

Kaycee, I had NO idea you guys went to New Orleans on your honeymoon. Holy cow! I can't imagine how strange it is for you to look at all those once-beautifuls streets...you were just there...

Food storage is easier than people think. I know the church recommends wheat and stuff...but I tend to store the stuff we eat on a daily basis...I DO need to stock up on meds though. I can't live without my ibuprophen.

And great idea with the gas tank!

I don't know if this type of comment is appropriate, but Lisa said she has always subscribed to food storage rotation, and I found that very lack of this process is the main fall of many people who desperately attempt to store and rotate food.

Because rob put in a shameless. commercial plug, I think I will too! Foodstorageracks.com has various food storage rotation systems (racks) that make it easier for people to store and rotate their canned food storage. It seems to be a good rotation system, but comes at a high monetary cost. Speaking of cost, didn't rob say he just threw the food storage away even before it was used?

I think that is why I would use one of these systems (if I could find the money and space!)

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