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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 

You May Not See It When It's Sticking To Your Skin, But We're Better Off For All That We Let In

I received my medalions for completing my personal progress and Yong Woman Recognition. Honestly, while it might not have been the most challanging, or the most well put together of programs (there was definently room for improvement, and I think like many programs in the Church it is evolving), but I learned A LOT, and am very grateful for the experiance.

I am one of those people Carrie Ann spoke about in her comment that needed the social interaction, not because I was a social butterfly, but because of my HORRIFYING social awkwardness. My parents didn't instill social values in me. I had NO IDEA how to behave in situations, and it was often embarrasing for me and the people I was with. Being involved in the personal progress program actually did what is said it was going to - I progressed personally. I learned about a miriad of things - goal setting, manners and etiquette, friendship, trust, faith not only in something divine, but in myself.

I remember very clearly sobbing like a child when my YW President explained my Laurel Projects to the congregation at the recognition ceremony (the one thing I don't understand is why they lump all the YW together when they receive their awards, but Eagle Scouts get thier own personal court of honor... but I digress). I had worked A LOT on four projects that were difficult, extreamly personally trying and immensely rewarding. My parents weren't active in the church at the time, so it was without their support that I did this. I am really grateful for those experiances though. I am thankful that I had the chance to learn about myself, about what I could actually DO, about the person I would grow to be someday.

I don't feel much different than that 17 year old girl who stood sobbing when someone mentioned the good she had done. I still have the same friends, I still cry when someone tells me I did something really well, and I am trying to work on being the best version of me. My progress continues, and will continue for a LONG time - eternity me thinks. But I am really glad that I was able to have the YW's program to give me a guide for the rest of my life. Will I EVER wear the necklaces I receive, um, NO.... but I am glad I have them. I'm glad I finished the goals I set for myself. It's something I try to do even now, and I think a lot of that is because of the Personal Progress program.

... good job on all the progress..in my humble opinion.. tis a shame when children are so indoctrinated that they cant even live full rich lives and are held back by subconscious fears or theological bias... i beleive every soul is equally precious.. and all souls create.. experience.. discover.. influence.. and grow.. there is no need to be ashamed... but to embrace all life and existence with love and understanding.. to become fully aware of the many perspectives and potentials of the self.. and the universe... of which the self is a part of... and in a sense... conscious mental creator OF... creation is a beautiful thing.. nothing to be ashamed or cry over.. unless they be tears of joy:)... and once we discover this.. life becomes ever so sweet:)... best wishes to you and your paths

Our Laurels get thier awards individually, just like the eagle scouts. Didn't know anyone lumped them together.

You may want to pull out all thos old medallions..because gold is totally comeing back in...and with your lovely skin tone?...I can't believe you're not wearing them all the time!

Knowing you now, I have a hard time seeing the awkward you, but if you're half as bad and you say you are, I have a lot of hope for my current young ladies! You are such a great success story.

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